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“That’s not what you’re going to get”: Emily Blunt Slyly Reveals Dwayne Johnson’s Bad Breath After Kissing Jungle Cruise Co-star, Got Drunk to Get Through Scene


Kissing your co-star while being drunk indeed sounds romantic. Well, that is exactly what happened between Emily Blunt and former WWE superstar Dwayne Johnson. The duo starred in the 2021 movie Jungle Cruise where the said scene had to take place.

Emily Blunt slyly revealed that Dwayne Johnson’s breath stank when they initially tried to kiss. She further revealed that she had to get drunk before the kiss so that the scene may be properly acted out.

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt in Jungle Cruise (2021).
Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt in Jungle Cruise (2021).

When Emily Blunt Had To Get Drunk To Kiss Dwayne Johnson

Jungle Cruise follows the story of Dr. Lily Houghton (Emily Blunt) teaming up with Frank (Dwayne Johnson) to find the boon of immortality. Amidst the chaos between the antagonists of the movie and the plethora of characters, there was a romantic scene between the lead actors.

Dwayne Johnson apparently did not smell fresh when kissed by Emily Blunt.
Dwayne Johnson apparently did not smell fresh when kissed by Emily Blunt.

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Talking about the kissing scene that comes in the movie, the reporter asked Emily Blunt whether Dwayne Johnson was a good kisser or not. Blunt, in her slyness, revealed that The Rock…did not smell fresh. She further stated that she had to get drunk in order to get through the scene of kissing her fellow co-star.

“Listen, the thing you’re missing out on, you know that feeling you get right after you brush your teeth? And it kind of feels fresh and it’s really nice? That’s not what you’re going to get. We did laugh always. I had to get drunk for it”

The Edge of Tomorrow actress also revealed that her husband John Krasinski is immune to such romantic flicks shown in movies.

“He’s immune to it at this point. That was part of the deal when we got married! Honestly, John is so used to me having to make out with other men,”

The husband-wife duo starred together in two blockbusters A Quiet Place Part I and II both of which were very well received by the audience. That is not all for the Sicario actress as her upcoming project stars her directly alongside MCU fame Chris Evans for a heist.

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Emily Blunt’s Upcoming Project With Chris Evans

Emily Blunt will star alongside Chris Evans in their upcoming project.
Emily Blunt will star alongside Chris Evans in their upcoming project.

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Chris Evans and Emily Blunt are expected to star together in an upcoming project regarding con artists. The series is titled Pain Hustlers and is expected to debut on Netflix sometime this year. In a “Save the date” video of Netflix, a glimpse of Chris Evans and Emily Blunt can be seen.

The story follows a pharmaceutical company with only a single addictive drug in its production. Based on a true story, Pain Hustlers will be an adaptation of the 2018 New York Magazine articles and the real-life trial that took place in the aftermath. Pain Hustlers starring Chris Evans and Emily Blunt is stated for a release date of 27th October 2023 on Netflix.

Disney’s Jungle Cruise is available to stream on Disney+.

Source: Sportskeeda

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