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‘That’s the Jenna Ortega effect’: Romania Can’t Handle The Sudden Tourism Boom after Wednesday’s Cult-Classic Popularity

Romania Can't Handle The Sudden Tourism Boom after Wednesday's Cult-Classic Popularity

Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for a very good reason- it’s a city that has been romanticized over and over in numerous TV series and movies since times immemorial. And now, all thanks to Netflix’s newest hit TV series Wednesday, Romania is getting the same treatment!

The popularity of the Jenna Ortega-led TV series based on the character from the popular Addams Family is undoubtedly off the charts, making it one of the most-watched TV shows of last year. In fact, it’s gotten so popular that the shooting locations of the series, mostly across Romania, have been bustling with tourists and fans who, of course, love the show.

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Romania’s Tourism Is Getting A Huge Boost Thanks To Wednesday

It’s the greatest time to be alive for fans of the Netflix hit TV series Wednesday. Every corner of social media is literally filled with dozens of edits of ‘that’ poker-face dance by the talented Jenna Ortega.

And now, if fans ever feel like stepping into the shoes (not literally) of their new favorite character, the opportunity has come knocking for them. You can now officially book guided visits to the set of Wednesday in Romania!

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Romania is pretty well-known for having beautiful locations to visit, so adding a visit to the set of the Netflix hit show should surely be on fans’ lists of to-do’s in the Balkan country. Fans can visit Bucharest, the capital of the country, where numerous scenes were shot.

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Other interesting locations include the Casa Monteoru house where the interiors of the Nevermore Academy were shot. The Cantacuzino Castle is also another important spot as it served as the exterior location of the school.

Flavian Dobre, credited for the production of Wednesday, spoke of themed tours to Buftea Studios, where all the sets for the series were made. He told EuroNews-

“It was a hefty production, that took over eight months to film, and involved beautiful people: people who have revived, who gave precedence to Romanian cinema and made everything happen here at the Buftea Studios, a place that has a very strong emotional, cinematic and cultural charge.”

In fact, there has reportedly been a huge increase of upto 55% in people searching for hotels in the capital of Romania after the series aired.

This is truly a blessing for fans of Wednesday, and it won’t be long before more people flock to Romania for fan visits.

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Fans Are Flexing Wednesday’s Influence On Romania’s Tourism

Fans of Wednesday must be really proud of how well the show has been performing. It’s literally boosted a country’s tourism! Let alone the inspiration that it’s given to many young kids and teens around the world.

Wednesday FandomWire

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Now fans of the Netflix hit series can proudly flex that it has some sort of effect, the Jenna Ortega effect. Here’s Twitter loving the news of what the show has done for Romania’s tourism-

Alteast for now –

The impact is insane-

It’s been quite the few weeks for the country-


Credits? Jenna Ortega-

Talk about having an impact, Romania’s GDP might just increase!

Wednesday is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

Source: Twitter

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