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‘That’s why he’s the GOAT’: Fans Hail Johnny Depp’s Heroic Act of Spending Nearly $50K on 500 Coats To Keep Pirates of the Caribbean Crew Warm

'That’s why he's the GOAT': Fans Hail Johnny Depp's Heroic Act of Spending Nearly $50K on 500 Coats To Keep Pirates of the Caribbean Crew Warm

Johnny Depp sure is one of the best actors of this generation. He has made a mark with his contribution to the entertainment industry, a mark that will be remembered for years on end. Even though he has an enormous acting career linked to his name, we have something else to talk about today; his enormous heart.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is now no longer a part of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise despite having played Captain Jack Sparrow in five movies. This certainly came as a blow not only to the actor’s fans but also to the cast and crew of the franchise. After all, having worked on the film for years and years, they were bound to become closer. Johnny Depp loved his crew so much that he emptied nearly $50K out of his own pocket for their well-being.

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Johnny Depp Takes Care of his Crew

Johnny Depp Kevin McNally
Johnny Depp and Kevin McNally

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Filming through the cold gusts of wind in British winter must have been one big ordeal for the crew and apparently, Johnny Depp understood that. In a big gesture of love and appreciation, Depp went out of his way to purchase warm coats for the crew members of Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The crew in question was large in number going up all the way to 500. This gesture of Depp has fans going all heart-eyes for the actor and calling him a true captain.

Winter clothes do not come cheap. The said coats cost Depp about $50 thousand which he paid for with his own money. Apart from the coats, he also bought them wallets imprinted with his sparrow tattoo. Talking to Daily Express, Kevin McNally, who played Mr. Gibbs in the five movies of the franchise, vouched for his friend’s generous action.

He bought the entire crew coats, the cast didn’t see any coats. I think he didn’t want to spoil us! He also did get the entire crew some very nice wallets imprinted with the tattoo he has on his arm.”

McNally wasn’t the only one who talked about this incident. A crew member told The Sun about the occurrence and called Depp one of the nicest people in Hollywood.

Johnny paid out of his own pocket for all 500 of us to have a nice warm waterproof…It’s a great morale boost and another example of why he is one of the nicest people in Hollywood.”

We don’t know if Depp will ever play Captain Jack Sparrow ever again, however, more such kind instances can certainly be expected from the big-hearted actor!

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Does the Team Want Johnny Depp Back?

johnny depp captain jack sparrow
Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

Following the courtroom ordeal between Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard, the actor ended up losing out on one of the most iconic roles in Hollywood history. In the courtroom, Depp agreed that even if Disney gave him “$300 million and a million alpacas” he wouldn’t return to play Jack Sparrow. And thus, broke the hearts of all his fans.

However, when producer Jerry Bruckheimer appeared for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he was asked if Disney would put Depp front and center of another Pirates film. Bruckheimer stated that although he cannot answer for the studio, he himself would love to have him back.

I can’t answer that question. I really don’t know. I would love to have him in the movie. He’s a friend, a terrific actor, and it’s unfortunate that personal lives creep into everything we do.”

It sure is unfortunate! We don’t know how much hope is worth here. Depp’s fans want to see him step up for the role again, however, he seems solidified on his vow to never return. After all, $300 million and a million alpacas are no small amounts.

Source: Daily Express

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