“That’s why no one is coming to watch DC movies”: DCU Allegedly Spent a Lot of Money to Enhance Ezra Miller’s Butt in Flash Suit With CGI

"That's why no one is coming to watch DC movies": DCU Allegedly Spent a Lot of Money to Enhance Ezra Miller's Butt in Flash Suit With CGI

Ezra Miller’s DCU movie was allegedly going to be a blast but it actually turned out quite trash. The Flash, which was appreciated by James Gunn himself, was a hilarious failure on DCU’s part with several complaints of terrible CGI alongside it.

Keen-eyed fans spotted something quite controversial and yet hilarious in nature. As per two images on Twitter, fans probably understood where the extra money on all that CGI went. The tweet by a fan alleges that the DCU used that money to enhance Ezra Miller’s bottom through CGI!

Ezra Miller in and as The Flash
Ezra Miller in and as The Flash

Ezra Miller’s Butt Was Allegedly Enhanced With CGI In The Flash

Although the primary focus of the movie should not have been Ezra Miller’s butt, this is indeed something that the DCU is capable of doing for their movies. With The Flash failing disastrously, fans spotted several CGI errors in the film. One error that they did spot turned out to be a laughter fest as two iconic images were shared on Twitter.

A still from The Flash
A still from The Flash

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Being a direct comparison, the tweet showcased a behind-the-scene image of Ezra Miller, Michael Keaton, and Gal Gadot standing while preparing to shoot. The second image shows a scene from the film of the same shot but there’s quite a significant change. Please pay attention to the difference in the two images as fans alleged that that’s where the money for the CGI went!

And just like that, the trolls started.

This is quite some news to take since although a fit body is deemed good for being a hero, the use of CGI to enhance body parts seems a bit excessive and false. In other news, there is also one other way The Flash messed up its ending since the original ending would have established the new DCU!

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The Flash Could Have Established The New DCU

Michael Keaton as Batman in a still from The Flash
Michael Keaton as Batman in a still from The Flash

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With a plethora of actors getting recast and a new hard reboot of the franchise, James Gunn had it all planned out and could have been executed with The Flash. As per the reports, the original ending of The Flash was Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen stepping back into his world.

They meet Batman, stepping out of his car, but it is not revealed which Batman. The role of Bruce Wayne could have been given to anyone which could have indicated that Allen was in the wrong universe or a changed universe. This would explain all the recasts and the changing of their world. This ending was sadly not used for unknown reasons and the film ended with one more cameo from George Clooney as Batman at the end. Ezra Miller’s The Flash is available to stream on Max in the U.S.

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