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The 10 Best JSA Members, Ranked

Presenting our top picks of superheroes from the Justice Society of America:

In the world of DC Comics, the Justice League remains to be the most known Squad. Not known to many but the Justice Society of America was the first superhero group in the comic book history. You guessed it right, even before the Justice League and MCU’s Avengers came into existence.
Lately, for various reasons the Justice Society of America has been in talks. The superhero force is not only an important element to the famous Stargirl,  but a part of their team would be playing a significant role in the upcoming Dwayne Johnson-led Black Adam movie. The film which goes on floors in December 2021 would be marking the cinematic debut of the team.

In 1941, Gardner Fox alongside artist Everett E. created the JSA. Years passed and readers eventually found more leisure in reading the Justice League comics than JSA. It would be pretty valid to say that JL overshadowed the JSA. They slightly attained their profile back when they were given an appearance in the Arrowverse. Check out our picks of the top 10 most ass-kicking members of the Justice Society of America.

10) Citizen Steel

An accident is all it took for Nathan Heywood, a retired footballer to become a being of living steel. Heywood took over the alias Citizen Steel to honor Commander Steel, a war veteran. Nate possesses unmatched strength and durability when he transforms himself into an organic steel state. With organic steel all around his nervous system, his pain receptors do not react and give him amazing pain immunity.

9) Atom-Smasher

Originally fighting crime under the code name Nuklon, Atom Smasher is one heck of a powerful member of JSA. With the ability to alter his size and density, he grows stronger the larger he becomes. Atom Smasher can go from a 7 ft man to a 70 feet monster really quick. He is a well-known ally of the anti-hero, Black Adam.
Noah Centenio has been considered to play Atom Smasher in DC’s forthcoming film of 2021, Black Adam.

8) Mister Terrific

Considered the third smartest man in the DC Universe, Michael Holt’s remarkable intelligence makes him a superhero without superhero abilities. He is not a meta-human like every other JSA member. Much like Batman and Iron Man, Holt’s ‘superpower’ is his extreme intellect which he uses to effectively invent a solution to any problem. When in action, Mister Terrific has his T-Spheres hovering around which can do numerous feats and help him combat any situation.

7) Power Girl

Known to be Superman’s cousin from an alternate reality, Power Girl, also goes by the name Kara Zor-L. It’s not easy to keep track of Powergirl’s backstory which changes like the seasons. Her history from an alternative universe called Earth-2  makes it tough to explain her past. Power Girl possesses the same potential powers as an average Kryptonian which makes her attributes similar to those of Super-Girl.

6) Obsidian

The biological son of the first Green Lantern Alan Scott and Golden-Age villain Thorn, Todd Rice fights crime under the alias Obsidian. Possessing abilities to manipulate shadows and darkness, Obsidian can gain superhuman strength, become intangible, and can even attain a 2D form. However, the tiniest source of light can be a potential threat to Obsidian.

5) Green Lantern

The first and the foremost Green Lantern to exist was a major part of the Justice Society of America. A gaffer, Alan Scott is the father of Todd Rice and Jennifer Lynn. He fought criminals on his own and was not connected with the Green Lantern Corps as they hadn’t been discovered by then. While Hal Jordan might remain to be the front face of the emerald energy ring and the Green Lantern Corps, Alan Scott was the absolute big gun of the team who provided stern directions and guidance.

4) Hawkman

No DC superhero as lived as many lives as this founding member of the Justice Society of America. Hawkman, in each of his incarnations, has sought justice for humanity and happiness for his beloved Hawkgirl. Archaeologist Carter Hall is the modern-day reincarnation of the ancient Egyptian prince Khufu who takes over the alias Hawkman in the 1940s. Equipped with majestic wings, Hawkman combats his enemies with his iconic Thanagarian mace made of nth metal

3) The Flash

Talking about Flash, the first name associated with the superhero which might pop up in your head would probably be Barry Allen. While the former is the current face of the fastest man alive, Jay Garrick was the first man to step into the role of Flash. Early in his career, Jay helped found the Justice Society of America and worked as its initial chairman. Unlike the many other versions of the Flash seen in the past, Jay Garrick has one of the most distinct and eccentric suits.

2) Doctor Fate

One of the strongest characters in the DC Universe, Doctor Fate is the master of all sorcerers. He happens to be an agent for the Lords of Order, a team that combats the Lords of Chaos. He fights evil alongside his wife Inza. His amulet, cloak, and helmet are creations of the ancient cosmical entity Nabu who acts as his guide and spiritual guru. He is an establishing member of the Justice Society of America. There are many known sorcerers in the DC Extended Universe but none of them match the godly powers of Doctor Fate, hence making him our top pick of the list.

1) The Spectre

A cosmic entity, Spectre is often referred to as an anti-hero for the way he deals with people. Originally called Jim Corrigan, the character’s formation dates back to 1940. In an untimely death, the former cop was murdered by goons who shove him into a tub filled with concrete and tossed it into a water body. He reincarnates and seeks his revenge in a formidable way which provides him with the bad boy image that he has. Spectre joins the JSA in the All-Star comics which were published during 1940-42.


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