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The previous seasons of The 100 have all led to this. With the recent release of Season 7’s teaser trailer, fans have already started examining every eye-catching details in the hope to find clues for what this final season may hold.


The 100’s final season teaser!

The 100's teaser trailer is out and addictive.
A scene from The 100 – Season 6

The 100 is a survival story of the post-nuclear apocalypse from the hostilities they encounter in their fight for lives. Season 7’s teaser witnesses the return of Clarke Griffin, Bellamy Blake, and others for one last battle for survival. The 100’s return is creating anticipation with rumors of a big showdown between the people of Sanctum and the Children of Gabriel. However, there could be more than this as to what the final season has to offer its fans.

Check out the teaser below:


What the teaser conveys?

What the teaser conveys?
Soldiers in black-clad suits and futuristic helmets.

The 20-second teaser has so many details to notice within the blink of an eye. The teaser begins with visuals of the anomaly and Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) embracing her reality. She says, “I used to think fighting is what we do, now I worry that fighting is what we are.” The people of Sanctum are protesting over what seems like a threat to their existence to the Children of Gabriel. We can see a group of black-clad men advancing towards an attack. Their helmets are so futuristic and overwhelming, giving us a feel of scientifically enhanced warriors.

The heart-wrenching element of the teaser is seeing Bellamy Blake sobbing. Also what we see is Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropoulos) lying on a laboratory bed somewhere in Mount Weather. This scene is proof that Octavia is not dead after she was stabbed by Hope Diyoza (Shelby Flannery).

With a new world awaiting to battle against them, Clarke has to fight her way out with her fellow survivors. 


When will Season 7 air?

When will Season 7 get aired?
The 100 survivors

The 100 premieres on The CW network on May 20th. This is also the final season as revealed earlier by the producers in August 2019. With the details of the teaser still being hazy, let’s expect an extended trailer later this week to clarify more of our heart throbbing doubts.


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