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The 15 Biggest Gamers Of Showbiz

These 15 celebrities could probably kick your ass at certain games. Here are the biggest gamers of showbiz:


1. Henry Cavill

Biggest Gamers Of Showbiz

If Henry has nothing to do, he’s probably gonna play World of Warcraft. According to him, he almost lost the role of Superman when he missed Zack Snyder’s call to give him the lead role in Man of Steel because he was in the middle of a tough dungeon.


2. Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel is a huge video game buff. He has hosted many video game award shows and grew up playing Pong and Space Invaders. He currently plays sports games like GTA and Tiger Woods Golf.


3. Matthew Perry

Biggest Gamers Of Showbiz

Matthew Perry plays so much Fallout 3, he once had to take a break from gaming as he was suffering from a carpal tunnel problem in his hand.


4. Seth Rogen

Biggest Gamers Of Showbiz

It won’t be wrong to call Seth a gaming connoisseur. He started playing games on the Atari when he was a kid. His fleet of gaming systems includes a PlayChoice-10 arcade machine.


5. Megan Fox

You’ll barely last a few seconds with Megan Fox at Mortal Kombat. Megan Fox was also an avid Guitar Hero player. She occasionally still likes to play Mortal Kombat.

6. Snoop Dogg

Biggest Gamers Of Showbiz

Snoop is really fond of playing games on Twitch. His top pick is Madden and Grand Theft Auto. He’s often seen barging out of the app when things get a little heated.

7. T-Pain

When he’s not at the studio, you can find T-Pain over on his Twitch channel playing Overwatch solo or with others.


8. Jack Black

Biggest Gamers Of Showbiz

Owner of a gaming channel on YouTube, Jack has been playing arcade classics on his JablinskiGames YouTube channel for years. He also plays Minecraft with gamer PewDiePie.


9. Freddie Prinze Jr.

Freddie is regular on Twitch. He’s absolutely a gaming nerd and a lover of classics. He mostly plays Injustice and Unchartered 4 but also appreciates titles like Sea of Thieves


10. Jodie Foster

Foster admits that she’s got no talent for music instruments. However, she pretty darn good at guitar hero because “you can just go ‘blue, green, green, green, blue, green, green..”


11. Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis happens to be a member of different guilds in her favorite game, World of Warcraft. She’s also super fond of Call of Duty.


12. Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender used to be a major buff of racing games. However, he had to tone things down when he realized he was staying up until 8:30 A.M. on his playstation.


13. Zac Effron

Biggest Gamers Of Showbiz

Zac Efron is a huge gamer. He hosted the launch event of Halo 3 and is pretty engulfed in the gaming world. At a point his gaming addiction was heightened, his then-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens asked him to pick between her or his Xbox.


14. Daniel Craig

A big fan of Halo and GTA, Daniel Craig strictly doesn’t prefer espionage in gaming. He’s more into lore-heavy games.


15. Will Arnett

Biggest Gamers Of Showbiz
Biggest Gamers Of Showbiz

Will Arnett is very fond of anonymously playing Call Of Duty and then getting heckled by other gamers. He has interviewed celebrity gamers on the podcast Game Chat.



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