The 5 Best Things (& 5 Worst) About Marvel’s Avengers Game

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The new Avengers game has made 2020 a great time to be a gamer. Check out what the hype is all about:

With 2020 coming to a close, a new game of The Avengers with compatibility to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia released on 4 September. The highly enthralling game can make any Marvel stan fall in love with it in no time. Square Enix revealed that more people downloaded the Marvel’s Avengers beta than any other beta in PlayStation history.


When developer Crystal Dynamics joined up with Square Enix and announced the production of the game, fans were pretty confident that the pair could deliver a phenomenal product. However, with the reviews pouring in, it seems as if for every one thing to love about the Marvel’s Avengers game, there is something which cancels it out

Check out what 5 things substandard in the game and 5 which give it the brownie points.


BEST: Uniqueness in each character’s gameplay


The game might be revolving its story around the teen superhero Kamala Khan but it still offers various moments where a gamer can play as one of the Avengers. Games that have numerous heroes involve the risk of having the gameplay of their characters feel too alike. One character might have a response to an attack that mirrors the response of another character. This adds monotony to the game. The Avengers game however has made each hero feel unique to play with and features different styles of combat for every character.


WORST: It’s not an Avengers game

When gamers got access to the beta, they were able to get a good gameplay feel of each of The Avengers. The opening scene of the beta version was quite different from what the gamers actually got in the full game. The original game opens to the story of Kamala Khan who’s the future Ms. Marvel.
Although Square Enix had previously mentioned that the game would include Kamala as the protagonist but the impression which the beta gave made it seem more like Avengers centric game.

BEST: Engaging Story


A game’s story acts as an important factor that keeps you glued to it. The Avengers game follows a heartwarming story of Kamala Khan who dares you to believe in yourself. The plot is set around the timeline of the devastating A-Day which affected each of the Avengers differently. Kamala who’s a Pakistani girl residing in Jersey City considers the Avengers as her idols and wishes nothing but them to reunite and save the world again.

WORST: Repetitive Enemies

While the game delivers an excellent experience of combat to the players, a slight drawback pulls in if you carefully observe your foes. The enemies that you knockdown are simply waves of identical-looking characters drawing themselves close to you. While it’s not uncommon for such a fighting game to use repetitive enemies, much was expected out of Square Enix to make the experience better and distinctive.


BEST: Excellent Voice Acting

Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have left no stone unturned in perfecting the voice acting of the game characters. Voice acting is an important element of any game. It enables you to relate to the storyline of the game and keeps you gripped. Marvel’s Avengers features an excellent cast of voice actors who have nailed each and every dialogue of their character. Not only the voice acting is amazing but the dialogues delivered as well are laced with humor and moments that showcase the truly human sides of these larger-than-life heroes.

WORST: Failing Missions Leads To Long Loading Screen


The time taken by your character to respawn is appreciable when it’s less. However, if your loading screen time is extra-long, chances are you’ve encountered an unfortunate bug of the Avengers game. The users have reported that often when they fail missions or die in the game, their character ends up taking 25-30 seconds to spawn back again. Thankfully, Crystal Dynamics has released a few solutions to get you back into the game as soon as possible if you’re stuck on a never loading screen.

BEST: Plenty Of Upgrades

Marvel’s Avengers has handled upgrades exceptionally well. The more and more you unlock your characters’ new skill sets, the gaming experience keeps getting better. For instance, you can make Thor toss his hammer on the bad guys in different ways and make Hawkeye pullout multiple arrows instead of one. Moreover, you can change the looks and visuals of your superhero and make them wear suits which are your personal favorites. There’s plenty of other customizations that the game offers and they surely add to its brownie points.


WORST: Audio-Video Lag

Another factor that makes the Avengers game fall back into the pit is the lack of sync in the audio and visuals witnessed sometimes. While the bug might not be prevalent for long as some suggest, the game comes to a crawl when way too many characters appear on the frame and a higher amount of visual effects are present. It is even significant in certain cinematics like when Kamala Khan addresses the Avengers and her speech evidently falls out of sync.

BEST: Thrilling Boss Fights


When it comes to the bosses of the game, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix deliver a persistent performance. It’s only when bosses of such action games have a direct link to the game’s story that the fights seem authentic. With an excellent plot narration, the game offers combats with some of the most badass bosses who push you to the edge of your chair when you take over them.

WORST: Multiplayer Experience

The co-operative missions carried out in the warzones which the game offers apparently didn’t take off well. The multiplayer gameplay isn’t enthralling enough for the players since the same repetitive tasks of wandering in the forests and only killing a bunch of bad guys build monotony. Apart from locating loot chests, there’s no other special thing to find or do.


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