The Accountant 2: Ben Affleck Eyes to Make Epic 2024 Comeback After Disappointing DCEU Exit as Batman

Ben Affleck is ready to make a comeback this year after his disappointing 2023 DCEU departure.

The Accountant 2: Ben Affleck Eyes to Make Epic 2024 Comeback After Disappointing DCEU Exit as Batman


  • Ben Affleck's a major actor in Hollywood right now, but he still likes to keep his private life just that - private.
  • The actor is raring to make a major comeback in 2024 following his DCEU exit last year.
  • Affleck previously revealed the three things that made being famous somewhat bearable for him.
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Ben Affleck has accomplished a lot as an actor in Hollywood over the years. While he is famous, Affleck absolutely hates that fact. At the same time, the actor didn’t have a good 2023 and is looking to make a comeback this year with The Accountant 2.

Ben Affleck as Batman in this scene
Ben Affleck as Batman

Ben Affleck is known for his role as Batman in the DCEU as well as the iconic Good Will Hunting, starring alongside Matt Damon and Robin Williams. Naturally, Affleck is still one of the big stars in Hollywood even now and he wants to have momentum in his career again after his DCEU exit last year.

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Ben Affleck Looks to Make a Comeback This Year With The Accountant 2

Ben Affleck in The Accountant
The Accountant

The Accountant was released back in 2016 and starred Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, Jon Bernthal, and even J.K. Simmons. The movie was star-studded and it also turned out to be one of Affleck’s best films in recent years.

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According to Deadline, The Accountant 2 is finally heading into production this year, with a likely release date set to take place in 2025. Affleck is more than determined to deliver a hit, as his 2023 ended in a terrible way following his DCEU exit.


Ben Affleck Mentioned Three Things That Made Fame Somewhat Bearable For Him

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting
Good Will Hunting

Ben Affleck might be one of the most famous actors of all time, but that doesn’t mean he is actually particularly fond of his fame. While speaking during a previous interview, Affleck revealed the three things that made fame somewhat bearable for him.

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‘I’m not built for to be famous. I don’t like it, you can keep it. I really have not gotten any benefit from it other than you know, I’ve gotten out of a few speeding tickets and some restaurant reservations and I don’t wait in line in Disneyland.”

The Batman actor made it crystal clear that he finds no joy in being famous and simply would rather be left alone. Considering all the stories that have circulated about him during public outings, it’s not hard to see why he would think this way.


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