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‘The Advertisement Is Better Than the Show’: Netflix’s Resident Evil Gets Trashed by Fans, Say They Put More Efforts in Marketing Than Quality

Netflixs Resident Evil Gets Trashed by Fans Say They Put More Efforts in Marketing Than Quality

Resident Evil is an American horror film series, and it is based on the Japanese video game franchise Resident Evil by Capcom. Netflix’s new Resident Evil show came out last week and the fans do not seem to appreciate it at all. Paul W.S Anderson directed the 2002 Resident Evil movie starring Milla Jovovich, which was a decent action-horror flick with sequels that also did not get much hype. But then Johannes Roberts came up with Resident Evil (2021), but the fans do not seem to like it either. Understandably, the fans wanted something more related to the video game.

Resident Evil
Resident Evil

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Resident Evil is not up to the mark:

Tom Hopper in Resident Evil
Tom Hopper in Resident Evil

Netflix’s Resident Evil is based on the video game, but the fans say they could have related the show with the game a little more. Fans are religiously making memes on the show, because the show has nothing to do with the game. They have said,” what’s up with resident evil adaptations insisting on the global zombie apocalypse plot point. Is this just a case with western writers assuming all zombie fiction results in a global catastrophe?”

Here are few reactions of the fans:

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Fans appreciate the advertisement more than the show:

McDonough in Resident Evil
McDonough in Resident Evil

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The fans seem to blast the internet, with comments like:

“It really is remarkable how Netflix is singlehandedly screwing up series/films/adaptations based on storylines that already exist. How do you screw it up THIS much when you don’t even have to create anything new? And yes. The new Resident Evil series is unwatchable.”

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Here are some more fan reactions appreciating the advertisement:

Fans have really gone wild on twitter because probably they had expected more from the show.

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Written by Kathakali Sarkar