The Amazing Spider-Man 3: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Cancelled Film

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The Amazing Spider-Man was a promising franchise with so much story to tell. Marc Webb, its director, had laid out his future plans for the next movie. Marvel fans were probably more disappointed with the ending of the sequel, and yet, the third movie never came to see the light.


Fans were indeed left behind after the announcement of the film series’ cancellation. There were no clues or glimpses of what the third film would look like. With the rumors circulating about Andrew Garfield’s appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home, perhaps it’s time to know some facts about his could-have-been movie.

Initial Release Was Scheduled For 2016

Andrew Garfield 2 The Amazing Spider-Man


The second installment was released in May 2014 and sadly, it was reported to garner the lowest-grossing Spider-Man movie. Despite so, it secured a deal for a third film which was slated for a June 2016 release.

Funny thing is, by the time it was supposed to be released, it has been rebooted with the introduction of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War. It would be difficult to imagine how both movies would pan out had Garfield’s third film pushed through.

It Was Building A Universe



Reports about Sony wanting to rival MCU by building its own universe started circulating back in 2013. The Amazing Spider-Man 3 would have introduced several solo films and spinoffs to slowly create its own universe. Each film would feature Spider-Man’s nemeses such as Electro, Mysterio, Kraven, Vulture, and Doctor Octopus.

Some reports also confirmed the development of Black Cat spinoff with Felicity Jones as Felicia Hardy, and a Sinister Six film that would feature all of Spider-Man’s iconic villains.

Tackles The Aftermath Of Gwen’s Death

Gwen Stacy


Gwen Stacy’s death was absolutely the most unforgettable event in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It was the first time a Spider-Man love interest was killed off on screen. Her passing brought immense grief to Peter Parker that he almost gave up his suit.

Marc Webb discussed in an interview that this significant event in Peter Parker’s life will determine how the third film would proceed. It will see Peter deal with the loss and try to recover from it.

Garfield Was Supposed To Be In The MCU

Andrew Garfield The Amazing Spider-Man


The initial plan was to incorporate Garfield’s Spider-Man in the MCU. Back in 2014, there were several leaks from the controversial Sony hack about confidential details regarding the movie as well as plans of a crossover.

The Wall Street Journal also discussed that there had been talks about bringing Andrew Garfield into the MCU. Marvel Studios reached out to Amy Pascal’s team at Sony to present the proposal. While this plan did not push through, we’re still good knowing they tried!

There Was A Planned 4th Film

The Amazing Spider-Man -2-1


While everyone talked about the third film, most fans were not aware that there was also a planned fourth installment. The film was scheduled for a May 2018 release. But since The Amazing Spider-Man 4 film was still far in production, they had no specifics yet. It was believed to be the start of the Spider-Man universe and the introduction of the Sinister Six.


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