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The Amazing Spider-Man #6 Reveals Spidey’s Greatest Villain (It’s Not Who You Expect)

In The Amazing Spider-Man #6, Peter Parker himself reveals his greatest foe, and it is not Green Goblin or Doctor Octopus. It is someone he knows really well.

Spider-Man Comics

Spidey Meets Jimmy is a backup story in The Amazing Spider-Man #6, Marvel’s 900th Spider-Man comic issue. Created by Jeff Loveness and Todd Nauck, fans will see Spidey confess his deepest thoughts to Jimmy Kimmel. Yes, the Webslinger appears on the evening’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The host asked Spidey a number of interesting questions which include his best and worst villains. The young superhero answered ‘Scorpion’ as his best foe while his worst is… himself. “I guess… me? My life choices in general?” Spidey responded.

Spider-Man’s Worst Enemy Is His Poor Choices In Life

Spider-Man Jimmy-Kimmel
Spidey Meets Jimmy, The Amazing Spider-Man #6

Peter Parker is quite known to have bad luck following him everywhere. He struggled to make money at his work, had a turbulent relationship with Mary Jane, and worst, his Uncle Ben died. Fans even saw the hero fight himself in the Clone Saga series.

In the recent issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, created by Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr., Peter finds himself struggling to earn money again and worse, developing a rift between him and his Aunt May (Mary Jane and the Fantastic Four included). In one of the five issues, Mary Jane finds a new partner whose children call her ‘mommy’.

It is true that many of the events in Peter Parker’s life are caused by his ‘poor choices’ and that anywhere he goes, someone always gets hurt. The twist of fate is too cruel for a young lad who just wanted to do good for his neighborhood.

The same issue of The Amazing Spider-Man #6 will also feature the story of our favorite Webslinger fighting the Living Brain, one of his earliest enemies.