“The audience is going to embrace us enough”: Madame Web Producer Still in Hopes of Sequel Despite Film Being a Box Office Disaster

The News of a Potential Sequel to Madame Web Doesn't Entertain Marvel Fans

"The audience is going to embrace us enough": Madame Web Producer Still in Hopes of Sequel Despite Film Being a Box Office Disaster


  • Dakota Johnson's Madame Web disappoints fans, as the film was bombarded with negative reviews.
  • Lorenzo di Bonaventura expects Madame Web to have a potential sequel in the future, as they want to complete her story.
  • Fans were surprised with the news of a potential sequel of Madame Web.
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Spider-Verse films are always a great piece of attraction for comic book fans and connoisseurs who enjoy watching superheroes save the day. Marvel’s Madame Web also had high hopes from the fans, as it featured Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney, Emma Roberts, and many more. However, upon its release, the film was so disappointing that it amassed negative reviews from fans and critics alike. 

Dakota Johnson as Cassie Webb
Dakota Johnson as Cassie Webb

Madame Web was disappointing for a plethora of reasons, one being the dialogues were poorly written. In spite of the backlash, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, the producer of the Marvel film is hopeful that the film will produce a sequel, which is surprisingly optimistic. The Marvel fans were surprised by the statement and expressed their surprise and disappointment on social media.

Madame Web’s Producer is Optimistic For a Sequel in The Future

Madame Web tells the origin story of Cassie Webb aka Madame Web, portrayed by Dakota Johnson, who has the powers of a clairvoyant. The film featured big names like Syndey Sweeney Isabela Merced, and many more. Though their performances were commendable, that was not enough to save the film from having a disappointing performance at the box office and getting bombarded with negative reviews from the fans and critics.

A still from Madame Web
A still from Madame Web

Despite everything, during an exclusive interview with Discussing Film, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, the producer of the film was asked if he sees the future of Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced, and Celeste O’Connor’s characters in a spin-off or a potential sequel. The producer answered,

“What’s great about their characters is that, funny enough, there’s probably more comic book material written about the various Spider-Women than Madame Web herself. They each have their own comic books. So, hopefully, coming out of this first experience with Madame Web, the audience is going to embrace us enough to be able to tell the next story.”

To further support his proposal of a sequel, Bonaventura said,

Isabel Merced, Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney, and Celeste O’Connor in Madame Web

“You can take those three characters much further along in the next story, and Madame Web still hasn’t mastered all of her skills either. If we got to do a sequel, one of the interesting things we would be able to see is Madame Web trying to master her new powers and often failing. So, we now realize the downside of having these abilities. I think that would make for good, dramatic material where the person is still learning what they’re doing.”

Even though the proposal of a sequel was followed by a justifiable explanation, the fans did not have it, as they had no hope left for the film, and hearing the news of a sequel they were surprised and hoped that the idea never come to life.


Marvel Fans Despised The Idea for Madame Web’s Sequel

As Dakota Johnson made her superhero debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Madame Web, it sent shockwaves all around the world because the film was not worth watching at all. In the midst, Lorenzo di Bonaventura mentioned that he is optimistic about the film’s sequel.

Tahar Rahim in Madame Web
Tahar Rahim in Madame Web

However, fans were not on the same page as the producer, as they came forward on X, where they tweeted their disappointment and how they felt about a possible sequel in the near future.



Nevertheless, the fans did not enjoy the news of a potential sequel, as the film has failed to blow them away in the theatres.

Madame Web can be watched in theatres near you.


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