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‘The Avengers Project’ May Be A Next-Gen Console Release

According to recent job listings posted by developer Crystal Dynamics, the untitled The Avengers Project game may receive a next generation console release.

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Presently, Crystal is looking at hiring people for a number of senior positions which include a Lead Environment Artist, Narrative Director, Lead Software Engineer, Lead Animator, and multiple Lead Producers.

One of the more relevant listings that suggests a next generation console release states that they are looking to hire an External Lead Producer, who will work with external partners to build next-gen game releases.

The full listing reads as follows:

“The Lead Producer will have demonstrable experience working with external partners to build next gen console and PC games. This individual will have outstanding communication skills and a proven track record in Development and Production. The successful candidate will work directly with studio leadership and hold accountability for staying in budget while delivering premium quality on the project milestones. Exposure to formal project management techniques on multi-million dollar, highly rated AAA games a must; previous experience building and maintaining schedules is essential.”

However, this is merely speculation on our end. Game developers have previously made use of the “next-gen” as an all-encompassing term for projects related to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Crystal Dynamics could very well be utilizing the term in a similar way, but it is hard to tell when the listing also acknowledges “current generation consoles” so that could imply that they are working on something for the upcoming generation of consoles. What could be is unknown. For all we know it could be a more general listing, a listing for another project, or one starring Earth’s mightiest heroes.

If Crystal’s The Avengers Project does release at the start of the next generation of consoles it is not impossible to suggest that it will not be exclusive to them. It could be developed for a cross generation release like some titles such as Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag were during the first year of the Playstation 4.

Beyond that news surrounding the mysterious project’s development is scarce and the developer has yet to give us any indication as to when they could release the AAA title. The last time we heard anything about the project was when Marvel Entertainment released an announcement trailer for it on their Youtube channel two years ago. Hopefully, we hear some news about it at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo this summer. For now though fans will just have to stave off their Marvel video game cravings with Insomniac’s Spider-Man.

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