“I’m happy with that number”: The Axis Unseen’s Playtime Revealed by Former Skyrim Dev, and It’s Gonna be Worth Every Penny

Dare to venture into The Axis Unseen, the upcoming open-world horror game from Nate Purkeypile.

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  • The Axis Unseen promises an immersive experience where players must harness sense powers and elemental arrows to uncover mysteries and defeat monsters.
  • Created by Nate Purkeypile, known for his work on Skyrim and Fallout, the game blends intricate storytelling with dynamic gameplay.
  • With insights from Purkeypile revealing extensive playtime and meticulous bug fixes, anticipation among gamers is high.
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There are many games releasing in October, and one of the anticipated ones is called The Axis Unseen, developed by former Skyrim and Fallout developer Nate Purkeypile. The game is an open-world horror experience where the players’ main goal is to collect sense powers, discover elemental arrows, and survive.


Developers Purkeypile have been actively sharing the game’s development process; recently, he shared the total playtime players can take to complete the whole game. This has created a great buzz in the gaming community and made them speculate what more this title can bring to their screens.

The Axis Unseen’s Development Insights by Veteran Developer Nate Purkeypile

One of The Axis Unseen's monstrosities looming over the player.
Veteran Developer Nate Purkeypile revealed more information about the game. | Image Credit: Just Purkey Games

For gamers who are unfamiliar with Nate Purkeypile, he is a former developer at Bethesda Game Studios and contributed to critically acclaimed titles like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Fallout 3, and Fallout 4. The Axis Unseen is his own ambitious title, trying to showcase his expertise and prowess in crafting vast, detailed worlds. In the game, players will need to defeat various monsters and follow the story. 


Purkeypile’s recent tweet on X offered players a little but tantalizing glimpse into the scale and depth of his new creation. He shared details about his dedication to fixing certain bugs in the game and the game’s expected playtime. 

After seeing the tweet, players are full on speculation mode and discussing various aspects. Some are suggesting that the game will offer an engaging narrative that will unfold over dozens of hours (15+ hours) and will make players complete a rich collection of quests. Most players are happy with the amount of time it takes to complete. 


While some find the time perfect for narrative-based games.


Purkeypile’s ending phrase, “I’m happy with that number” has made players more hopeful that The Axis Unseen will be able to deliver an experience worthy of its developer’s pedigree. This shows that he is confident about his product and highlights his commitment to quality and depth. In an industry where hype can be met with empty hands, players want games that value substance over spectacle. 

Player’s High Expectations and Anticipation for The Axis Unseen

A three-headed eldritch horror hovers in sight of the player.
The player’s expectation for The Axis Unseen is very high after the information release. | Image Credit: Just Purkey Games

The Axis Unseen is looking very promising and the community is anticipating that the game will offer substantial value, showcasing the idea that quality and content will prevail and have the power to overcome trends. Players’ expectations are high, as every word from a veteran developer like him carries the weight of experience. 

As fans eagerly await any further details about the game, one thing is certain: The Axis Unseen has captivated players with its imagination. Whether it’s an enigmatic title or the promise of a decent playtime, the game is looking to make a significant impact when it finally releases. 


In the end, fans are discussing and dissecting every little hint given by Purkeypile. Let’s just hope the journey will be worth embarking upon and fulfill its promises. 

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Written by Shubham Chaurasia

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