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The Bad Batch Season 2: 6 Questions Fans Need Answers To Next Season

The Bad Batch season 2 6 Questions Fans Need Answers To Next Season

In addition to the great things that The Bad Batch will bring to Disney+, there are still a few things that have remained a mystery for fans. Since the Star Wars universe has been genuinely consistent in its animated series for over ten years, fans have many expectations from the franchise.

Fans have been anticipating the confirmation news of the Bad Batch season 2 for months now, but in some ways, season 1 has raised some questions that fans need answers to in season 2. So, without any further adieu, let’s get into the list of 6 questions fans need answers to.

Is The Bad Batch the beginning of the end?

Questions fans need to know from next season

There is no doubt that Rex, Trace, and Rafa are up to something bigger. Eventually, they will want payback on the Empire for everything that was taken from them.

Will there be clones of Omega?

War Mantle

Omega is a new character who was introduced in the first season of the series. The history of Omega is still a bag full of mysteries. As the story goes on, it turns out that she’s the last achievable source of Jango’s DNA. Therefore, fans will like to know if any other Omega clones appear on the show.

Why did Hunter choose not to go with Rex?

Questions fans need answers

Right after Rex found out that his old friends were still alive and weren’t under any influence of the Empire, he met with the Bad Batch to help them remove their behavioral modification chips. Later, when Rex asked them to join him, Hunter refused. So season 2 needs to deliver a significant reason for fans to understand why Hunter choose to reject.

Will Maul be involved with Ahsoka Tano’s inevitable appearance in season 2?

Questions Fans need answers

We have all seen Maul always find his way through everything. He kept reappearing everywhere until Obi-Wan Kenobi finally put him down in Rebels. Fans are waiting to see his involvement with Ahsoka Tano’s appearance in season 2.

What is the deal with Gregor? Fans need the answer in season 2


Gregor doesn’t seem to belong in the storyline as his whole journey has been distracting. After appearing as an Elite clone commando in The Clone Wars, he suddenly died but made unexpected comebacks in Rebels and The Bad Batch without any specific reason. At some point, fans need the answers about him.

Why Ahsoka Tano disappeared in The Bad Batch?

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Fans have been speculating over the current status of Ahsoka Tano. Being one of the most prominent characters in the history of the Star Wars Universe, the disappearance of Ahsoka within the timeline of The Bad Batch and Captain Rex factoring into the series did not seem right. Furthermore, she has been one of the most important characters in The Clone Wars, appearing in both The Rebels and The Mandalorian. Hence fans are expecting that season 2 will reveal her current status.

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