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‘The Bat Flaps Around… And Bites The Chicken on its Anus’: Robert Pattinson Revealed His Batman Was Inspired by Bizarre Planet Earth Documentary on Vampire Bats

Robert Pattinson is a man who keeps to himself most of the time, but his interviews reveal a whole other side of him that he does not reveal on social media. Pattinson’s portrayal of the Bruce Wayne in The Batman had a pretty serious tone, but his acting methods somewhat hilariously opposite.

The Batman, with it’s lighting, movie color filter, and majorly its theme, was a well-made superhero movie with a dark tone, and you would think Pattinson’s method of becoming Bruce Wayne would be all cool & gritty, but it’s almost nothing like that. There are a lot of ways to prepare yourself for a movie role, and Pattinson’s path to perfecting a role is pretty goofy.

Robert Pattinson FandomWire
Robert Pattinson in The Batman

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A Peculiar Method Acting From Robert Pattinson

Tom Hanks gained and lost fifty pounds for Cast Away, Jamie Foxx got his eyes shut with glue for Ray, and what did Robert Pattinson do? Well, he watched a Planet Earth documentary in which a bat bites a chicken’s anus!

Robert Pattinson FandomWire
Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in The Batman

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During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Twilight actor revealed he watched a Planet Earth documentary on bats in similar fashion to fellow co-star Zoë Kravitz watching videos of big cats fighting for her role as Catwoman. He said-

“There was one thing I said to Matt (Reeves, the director), because I was talking to Zoe Kravitz, who plays Catwoman, she’s great, and she was saying, to see the way she’s moving and stuff, she’s looking at these videos, big cat videos, and how big cats fight and stuff.

“So I looked up how a bat fights and there was this one video on ‘Planet Earth’ of the technique of a vampire bat with a chicken in a cage and how it fights the chicken, it flaps around the cage for like an hour, just flap-banging on the cage until the chicken’s been scared for so long the chicken falls asleep. And then the bat sneaks into the cage and bites it on its anus. I said that to Matt, and he’s like, ‘I’ve got an idea.'”

Quite hilarious, and also a funny BTS story to have for a movie like The Batman

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The New Sci-fi movie from Bong Joon-Ho Starring Pattinson Begins Filming

Mickey7, an adaptation of the book of the same name by Edward Ashton is currently in the works, with the filming process having started in England, according to reports

Robert Pattinson FandomWire
Pattinson in Tenet

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Academy Award-winning director Bong Joon-Ho will be at the director’s helm for the movie. One of the major stars of the sci-fi movie set in space will be Robert Pattinson, who has been cast alongside notable names like Mark Ruffalo and Toni Collette.

Mickey7 is expected to be released at the end of 2023 or early 2024.

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