The Batman 2: Realistic, Grounded DC Villains Who Could Be Gotham’s Next Big Bad Wolf

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Now that The Batman is out on theaters and plans are already underway for The Batman 2, which villain should Gotham entertain next? These are some realistic Batman villains The Batman 2 could introduce into the Bat-Verse. These villains are realistic and grounded enough to make it to the Reeves DC movies. And they are also terrifying enough to succeed Paul Dano’s enticing performance as the Riddler.


Here goes nothing.

Hugo Strange Is A Psychotic Mastermind

The Batman 2: Realistic, Grounded DC Villains
Hugo Strange

Professor Hugo Strange once used to be a normal psychiatrist. He was attracted to the intricacies of the human psyche. Having studied the discipline since ages, Strange’s expertise on the human mind was uncanny. He would then develop an unhealthy obsession for the Batman and a sudden need to know everything about the Dark Knight. Strange is one of the few DC villains who has managed to uncover Batman’s secret identity. In The Batman 2, Hugo Strange could very well fill in for the Riddler. His mind games are a million times more cryptic and dark than anything Paul dano’s character threw our way in the Matt Reeves movie.


The Holiday Killer Would Help The Detective Noir Theme

The Batman 2: Grounded DC Villains
The Long Halloween

Matt Reeves took major inspiration from The Long Halloween comic book arc. The influence is quite obvious. Just like the Tim Sale and Jeph Loeb comic book, a night of celebration in Gotham is the day where a homicidal maniac strikes and kills off an influential member of the Gotham Elite. Like the Riddler, the Holiday Killer is elusive and always a step ahead of the Batman. Reeves is definitely going to make The Batman 2 another detective noir thriller. The Holiday Killer fits the bill damn near perfectly.

The Court Of Owls Is Already In The Movie (In Theory)

The Batman sequel: Realistic, Grounded DC Villains
Court Of Owls

The Batman has explored how the elite class of the city have been corrupted by power and wealth. They have now secretly submitted themselves to evil and a select group of mob bosses and billionaires now have total control of the city administration. That is, in theory, just how the Court of Owls operates. A mysterious cabal that has been manipulating Gothan’s events since ages, the Court of Owls is already being theorized to be a part of Matt Reeves’ Bat-Verse. It will also be a subtle nod at how the elite 1 percent controls the majority of the world, an analogy Reeves tried to convey in The Batman.

The Ventriloquist Could Be A Terrifying New Crime Lord

The Batman: Realistic, Grounded DC Villains
Arnold Wesker

If you are a pediophobe, this may not be a Batman villain you could get behind. Arnold Wesker has the lines between reality and insanity blurred. He fully believes that the inanimate puppet in his hands is alive and is giving out the orders. When he takes on the Ventriloquist persona, Wesker is a force of nature not even Carmine Falcone could ever deal with. Paul Dano based the Riddler on the impressions he drew from the 60’s serial killer – the Zodiac Killer. The actor who plays the Ventriloquist could base the Batman 2 villain on Son of Sam, a late 70’s serial killer who claimed he killed all those people under the orders from his neighbor’s dog.


Professor Pyg Is DC’s Jigsaw

The Batman 2: Realistic, Grounded DC Villains
Lazlo Valentin

Let us give you a small hint – the guy wears a pig mask and likes to hang stuff on meat hooks. And by stuff, we mean either livestock or live human beings. Lazlo Valentin is not your regular serial killer. He is extraordinarily swift and strong for his size. Valentin also has a weird obsession with bodily mutation, a trait that becomes even more dangerous when you realize he is also an accomplished surgeon. He is the mad doctor of the underworld with a penchant for torture. If Reeves wanted, he could make Professor Pyg similar to Jigsaw from the Saw films.


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