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The Batman Director Matt Reeves Working “Feverishly” To Convince James Gunn To Replace SnyderVerse With Expanded ‘Bat-Verse’?

The Batman Director Matt Reeves Working "Feverishly" To Convince James Gunn To Replace SnyderVerse With Expanded 'Bat-Verse'?

The Batman director, Matt Reeves, has big plans for his DC character. Although it is far from being a simple matter. The new restructuring of DC’s management has led the elements under its umbrella to patiently wait for the sorting to begin. Sooner rather than later, the new co-chairs and the Warner Bros. Discovery chief will begin rearranging the IPs once again into the approve and discard pile. And considering how successful the Battinson film has been when it comes to commercial and critical success, it is simply too good to be canceled in favor of James Gunn’s new DCU Bible.

The Batman (2022)
Robert Pattinson in and as The Batman

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Matt Reeves Seeks to Secure His Batman Universe in DCU

The Batman director, Matt Reeves, recently revealed to Yahoo Entertainment that he has had a tête-á-tête with the creative director of DC. James Gunn is supposed to present his finished plans for the DC reboot to the WBD and if approved, will be put into effect on the screens over the course of the next 3 to 4 years. However, in the interval, the Bat-Verse cannot be left in limbo and Reeves has been exceedingly vocal about his plans for the expansion of the Bat-Verse unto itself.

Matt Reeves with Robert Pattinson on The Batman sets
Matt Reeves with Robert Pattinson on The Batman sets

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Reeves revealed that his discussion with Gunn and Safran will center on “arcs of these two things” –whether DCU might accord the honor of allowing the Bat-Verse to proliferate either on its own or a canonization of Battinson in mainstream DCU might be on the cards in the very near future.

“We’ve talked a few times, I’m supposed to get together with him and Peter sometimes this month. They’ve been working feverishly on what they’re doing, and I’ve been working hard with my partners on what we’re doing.”

The unlimited potential of The Batman is comprised of Battinson being a formative superhero still grappling with his vigilantism and need to seek revenge and retribution for everything that is inherently wrong with his city. Reeves not shying away from getting his hands dirty and plunging the world into aesthetic darkness and a grim narrative also rewards the Battinson universe with a place that is deserving of expanding upon the stories of Gotham and all its uniquely horrid villains.

The Batman debuts with the Riddler's arc
The Batman debuts with the Riddler’s arc

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Do Bat-Verse and Joker-Verse Deserve a Place in DCU?

The new era calls for desperate measures and even though The Times They Are A-Changin’ has never rung more true, one cannot simply wait for the worst to happen before taking retroactive measures. Even though the fate of a CBM franchise seems like an event much smaller in scale as compared to the intergenerational and immortal words of Bob Dylan, the world and its people have found representation, escapism, and joy through these works of art and cinema.

The Batman - an intense and gritty take on vigilantism
The Batman – an intense and gritty take on vigilantism

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The newly forming DC cinematic universe is now in the active care of James Gunn and the one in charge has been ruling with an iron fist. The disavowing of the past was necessitated and fast-tracked in favor of letting new ideas grow freely from the ground up. The reboot of the franchise then fractures the world into two halves – one created by Zack Snyder during 2013-21 and the one that’s rising now under James Gunn in 2023. What then of the projects placed in the center? Projects like Joker and The Batman go beyond the simple parameters defined by success.

The Joker (2019)
The Joker (2019)

And as such, the universes created by Matt Reeves and Todd Phillips are allowed to progress and proliferate under the banner of DC, even if the new management cannot offer them a place within the mainstream continuity. It would also benefit greatly if the two universes are left independent to grow on their own, unmarred and unlimited by the chronology, demands, and arcs of the DCU continuity.

The Batman is available for streaming on Prime Video.

Source: Yahoo Entertainment

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