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The Batman HBO Max Release Reveals Batman’s Most Special Utility Belt Gadget

The Batman has made its debut on HBO Max with an additional bonus content that instantly went viral. In a certain behind-the-scenes video from the movie, The Batman star Robert Pattinson pulls out a Juul Vape Pen from his utility belt. The video shows Pattinson reaching for his utility belt to pull out the vape pen to puff. Don’t believe us? See it for yourself.

No fan might have seen that coming for sure. Since childhood, fans have fantasized about having a utility belt like Batman which has all sorts of gizmos and weapons. But who knew that the caped crusader would need a vape? In his defense, considering how grueling shooting this film might have been and as a smoker, Pattinson made smart use of his utility belt.

A stressed batman pulls out a vape pen from his utility belt
A stressed batman pulls out a vape pen from his utility belt

Fans and followers were quite amused by the inclusion of the vape pen. Speaking of his performance within Batman’s iconic Bat-suit, He said, “It’s a strange feeling. I had moments when I would look myself in the mirror wearing the suit and be like, am I really doing this, this is absolutely crazy!”

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Robert Pattinson Says Playing Batman “Feels Right”

Robert Pattinson - The Batman
Robert Pattinson – The Batman

Talking about the difficulties he faced donning the Bat-suit, the star said that it was an integral part of his character. Pattinson said, wearing that suit made it easier for him to slip into the character and develop that voice. According to CBR, Pattinson said, “It suddenly starts to feel right, and it seems to me, I think the more you record in the suit, the more you embody the kind of character,” Pattinson said. “It just started to come out quite organically. I think that’s kind of what I was trying to do with the character as well. I was trying to think… he’s not putting on a voice. It seemed… he puts on the suit, and then the voice just starts happening for him as a person.

Matt Reeves’ Batman v/s Nolan’s Batman

Battinson vs. Bale's Batman
Battinson vs. Bale’s Batman

Matt Reeves’ reboot of The Batman received a mixed bag of reviews. While it was lauded by the audience, there was criticism that the movie majorly showed Batman and nothing of Bruce Wayne, unlike Nolan’s Dark Knight where the titular characters were given enough screen time.

Recap to The Batman:

reasons robert pattinson is the better Batman
The Batman is now streaming on HBO Max

The movie tells the tale of the titular superhero fighting crime in the city of Gotham. After the brutal serial killer Riddler starts killing bigshots in the city, Bruce Wayne is compelled to delve into the criminal underworld to learn Riddler’s real motives.


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