The Batman Star Robert Pattinson Was Afraid to Sign the Contract For Superhero Movies Before the $750 Million Success

The Batman Star Robert Pattinson Was Afraid to Sign the Contract For Superhero Movies Before the $750 Million Success

Being the face of many successful films and franchises in the past, English film star Robert Pattinson is popular for his performances being naturally stunning and flawless. With his skills presented in the Twilight Saga franchise, audiences came to know of the handsome, charming, and truly blessed entertainer of the industry. Along the way, he has also been part of some of the greatest solo films amongst cine-goers.

Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson

Apart from his past glories in the world of cinema, the star has also become the talk of the town with his portrayal of Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves’ DC film The Batman, which shows him donning the cape of the bat vigilante that roams the streets of Gotham in the dead of the night. Although the success of the film was astronomical, and so was the praise from critics and audiences, it’s hard to imagine that Pattinson was reluctant to join any superhero franchises in the past.

Robert Pattinson Didn’t Want To Do Any Superhero Movies In The Past!

reasons robert pattinson is the better Batman
Robert Pattinson as Batman

With an estimated box office collection of $750 Million, The Batman proved that Robert Pattinson wasn’t only meant to play a pretty boy in another romance drama series. The depiction of the harbinger of justice in Matt Reeves’ film showcased Bruce Wayne as not another billionaire playboy, but as a broken man who wanted nothing but to wreak havoc on the faces of evil and bring heinous criminals down, handing out righteous justice.

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But the success of the film and the praise of the audience would never have become a reality if the Tenet star wouldn’t reconsider his decisions. During an interview on The Howard Stern Show in 2017, Pattinson revealed that he didn’t want to become part of a superhero film franchise because usually, the contracts to play these characters are way too extensive and commitment-heavy, something which the actor wasn’t really keen on doing at the time.

Along with the aforementioned reasons, Pattinson was also reluctant to become a superhero at the time because he wanted to play a character that he genuinely wanted to play and was excited to prepare for, something that was missing at that time. But once he learned about Matt Reeves’ take on the character of Bruce Wayne/Batman, he wanted more than ever to become the superhero himself in The Batman.

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What’s Next For The Batman?

Robert Pattinson portrays a wonderfully grim Batman in the 2022 movie
Robert Pattinson in The Batman

With the smashing success of The Batman at the box office and in the praises of the audience and critics, James Gunn has taken notice of this phenomenon and has subsequently made plans to cash in on the opportunity. Information coming from different sources on the internet point to the direction of Pattinson becoming the focus of the new DCU under Gunn’s leadership, and many fans are getting excited about this possibility. As for the sequel of the film, many key visuals have been put out that indicate the franchise will prosper in the new age of DC Films.

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The Batman, now streaming on HBO Max

Source: The Howard Stern Show

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