The Batman Trailer: Robert Pattinson Shows Darker and Brutal Shades of Batman

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Matt Reeves’ The Batman movie trailer has just been released during the DCFanDome 2021. The movie reveals much more about Robert Pattinson’s Batman and other characters in the movie. The movie will release in March 2022. Apart from Robert Pattinson suiting up as the Dark Knight, the movie also features Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as The Riddler, Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth, Jeffrey Wright as Jim Gordon, and Colin Farrell as Penguin.


Reasons for the Delay in Releasing the Full Trailer

The Batman Trailer: Robert Pattinson Shows Darker and Brutal Shades of Caped Crusader
Robert Pattinson as Batman

During DCFanDome 2020, the first trailer of the movie was released. At the time, the trailer showed the first look of Pattinson’s Batman and Wright’s Jim Gordon. The first trailer also revealed Riddler as the main villain of the movie. However, nothing else was given away during the time.

The main reason being that the DC movie didn’t complete the filming. Hence Matt Reeves didn’t have much footage to give the complete trailer. However, with DCFanDome 2021 announcements, fans knew the trailer will drop during the event. And now that a lot of movie filming has been done, releasing the trailer was a perfect move.


Quick Review of the Trailer

The latest trailer released at DCFanDome 2021 has a lot of things to unpack. First, we see much more of Pattinson as the Dark Knight. Along with that, we see an unmasked Dano as the Riddler establishing that he is the linchpin of the movie. We also see Kravitz Catwoman, mainly her costumes and different hairstyles that she has. Farrell as Penguin facing off Batman is also the highlight of the movie. The trailer also shows Serkis as Bruce Wayne’s butler and confidante. And we get to see the Batmobile in action. Watch the trailer below.


Unpacking the Trailer

The Batman Trailer: Robert Pattinson Shows Darker and Brutal Shades of Caped Crusader
The Batman 2022

The first thing that you observe after watching the trailer is that how good it is in terms of footage. Yes, the first trailer of the movie released during DCFanDome 2020 was based on limited footage, however, with a lot of filming done, the latest trailer has much more to offer.


Fans get a complete idea of what they can expect from Pattinson’s Batman and the movie. The most important thing to note is this iteration of Batman is more brutal and violent. He is more aggressive and takes Batman to a darker level.

Moreover, the trailer indicates that the movie focuses more on the villains of the movie. Along with Riddler, the movie also emphasizes the roles of Catwoman and Penguin. Although Farrell has previously said that his Penguin is not a full-fledged villain from the comics. But the character will certainly stand on the other end of Batman’s violence.

Also, maybe Catwoman might not be considered as the villain, she will definitely help Batman explore his darker side. All these details make The Batman a new exciting take on the character and a start for Pattinson to become Caped Crusader.


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