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‘The Batman’ Working Title Revealed

The current official working title for Matt Reeves' highly anticipated DC movie, The Batman, has apparently been revealed.

Matt Reeves is directing The Batman movie that’s set to release in 2021, and it was believed the title would consist only of the name of the hero. As of right now, we don’t know much about the plot of the movie, and anything claiming otherwise is based around rumors. However, Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves have both established that this film will have Batman “go deep into the dark world” of Gotham City. It’s also expected that we’ll be seeing several villains, and that this version of the hero is still in his earlier years. Villains like Catwoman played by Zoe Kravitz, The Riddler by Paul Dano, and The Penguin by Colin Farrell are all set to show up.

According to a listing found in Production Weekly, the film’s working title is The Batman: Vengeance.

The Batman Vengeance

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Of course, the title makes sense for the DC character but this is rather curious as to what the plot will be. Reeves has stated several times that his take on Batman will be “very point of view noir-driven definitive Batman story in which he is investigating a particular case and that takes us out into the world of Gotham.” Sounding much like the plot of a popular Batman comic, Reeves had confirmed it wasn’t an adaptation of Year One. Similarly, Year One sees a younger Bruce Wayne training and beginning his journey as Batman.

It’s no secret that Matt Reeves is interested in giving us a version of Batman we haven’t really seen in cinema yet..

“I went on a deep dive again revisiting all my favorite comics. Those all inform by osmosis. There’s no continuation of the Nolan films. It’s very much trying to find a way to do this as something that for me is going to be definitively Batman and new and cool,” Reeves explained, making it clear this will not be an origin story.

Robert Pattinson has also weighed in on his take of Batman, having said this in an interview with Variety:

“I have no interest in playing someone who’s heroic. The only time I want to play someone who an audience knows they’re supposed to like is when they really shouldn’t like them. That’s the only time.”

While there have been many iterations of Bruce Wayne/Batman on the big screen before, it comes as no surprise that we’re very excited for the upcoming Batman movie. Let us know in the comments if you’re excited to see Robert Pattinson take on The Caped Crusader!

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