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The Batman’s Hallway Scene Is More Brutal Than the MCU Versions

The Batmans Hallway Scene Is More Brutal Than the MCU Versions

The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson, has released its second official teaser, which features a few vicious corridor battle scenes that demonstrate how much more violent the picture is than the MCU. Historically, Batman films have skewed toward the PG-13 rating, as evidenced by Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy’s dark narrative. Pattinson and filmmaker Matt Reeves appear to be taking things up a level with The Batman.

Second Trailer

The Batman
The Batman

There’s a brief moment in the second trailer for The Batman in which Pattinson’s Dark Knight walks slowly into a bunch of armed opponents and dispatches them with deadly efficiency. Several of the opponents he encounters are fully armed and firing bullets at him from point-blank range, all to no result. Bruce Wayne’s willingness to withstand pain, as well as his almost robot-like movements and quick assaults, make him appear virtually inhuman in The Batman’s trailer — an image that this version of Batman appears to have purposely nurtured to spread dread. Bruce Wayne, played by Pattinson, appears to want his opponents to know that he can’t be stopped no matter how hard he tries.

MCU’s Action Scenes 

The Batman
MCU action scene

The Batman’s hallway fight is stunning in its severity when compared to the MCU’s dazzling, acrobatic combat. Similar moments in Marvel films, like Black Widow’s classic hallway fight in Iron Man 2 or Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s elevator fight, frequently focus on the central protagonists’ dazzling stunt work. The fight scenes are brightly illuminated and feature a variety of stylish kicks, spins, and grapples, all aimed at providing an enjoyable battle that is also suitable for the whole family. The corridor sequence in the second The Batman trailer, on the other hand, is pitch black, lit only by gunfire fired at Batman himself. In his armour, Bruce Wayne confronts the gunshots head-on. Bruce Wayne takes the bullets head-on in his armour, slaying his foes with harsh, hefty blows. The gap between this method and the MCU’s is striking, with Batman demonstrating that he can get the job done without showy moves or complicated gymnastics.

The Batman’s Action Scenes

The Batman
The Batman

Then there’s the problem of The Batman’s real fight choreography. Even in beautiful clashes like the corridor bouts in the MCU, the emphasis is never on the delivery of the strikes. It’s less about the impact of the manoeuvres and more about the moves themselves. In The Batman trailer, on the other hand, the emphasis is squarely on the impact of Batman’s assaults. Even in the faint light, viewers can see (and hear) him smashing his adversaries against the walls and the floor, breaking bones. Batman’s purpose is to cause enough misery and fear that anyone who hears about what he’s done will be afraid to face his wrath.

The Distinction

The Batman
Batman’s Hallway Scene Is More Brutal Than the MCU Versions

The distinctions between The Batman and the MCU are obvious when compared to similar action scenes in Marvel’s franchise. Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne in The Batman is more concerned with presenting himself as a menacing, dangerous presence. With his armour strong enough to block bullets on his side, his fighting style focuses on getting right in the face of his foes and pounding them into submission. The action scenes in The Batman should be spectacular if the teasers are any indication of the final product.

Written by Prachee Mishra