Gil Perez-Abraham Talks Officer Martinez’s Pivotal Role In The Batman (EXCLUSIVE)

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The Batman is a Batman movie through and through. More so than any other live action adaptation we’ve scene in cinemas. The story focuses on the titular hero through the majority of its runtime. But, at it’s core, its an ensemble film. A spectacular cast, delivering standout performances fill the screen at every turn. Robert Pattinson, Colin Farrell, Paul Dano, Zoë Kravitz and John Turturro are veterans of the big screen. And while Gil Perez-Abraham might not have the name recognition (yet) of his co-stars, he holds his own with the role of Officer Martinez.


Video: Gil Perez-Abraham on his role in 'The Batman' and loving Selena | Datebook

Last week Gil sat down and spoke with me about the role. That interview can be found in its entirety on the FandomWire Podcast Cinema Stubsand on FandomWire’s interview channel on YouTube. First impressions of the young actor paint him as humble, charismatic, and skilled in the craft of conversation. He spoke at length, and with ease, in response to each question thrown his way.


Officer Martinez is a minor role in the grand scheme of The Batman; however, the character is a significant one. He appears multiple times throughout the story, working directly with Lt. Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) and Batman (Robert Pattinson) to unravel the twisted mystery of The Riddler (Paul Dano). We’re first introduced to the character as he guards the entrance to a crime scene; the most recent murder at the hands of Gotham City’s newest madman. As the masked vigilante approaches and attempts to pass through the doorway, Officer Martinez places his hand upon Batman’s armor-plated chest.

“He walked up on me at the door and, I don’t know what came over me. I was just pissed off and I put a hand on him,” Gil recounted. “That kind of marked the territory for Martinez.”


In that very instant, you know exactly who Officer Martinez is as a character. He’s a young, tenacious officer who plays by the rules. This is a crime scene. It’s his job to protect the integrity of that scene, and that includes not allowing vigilantes to enter it. Martinez represents what the Gotham City Police Department should be. What it can be. He is an officer who sticks to his oath and who truly wants to do what’s right for the citizens of Gotham. Reminiscent of a young James Gordon. He’s proof that there is still hope for the GPD, despite the corruption and crime that consumes the force.

Why Gil Perez-Abraham as Officer Martinez in The Batman is important

In another pivotal scene, Officer Martinez takes the Riddler into custody. Gil Perez-Abraham spoke about how he was “freaking out” deep down. The nerves were getting to him. The thought of performing such an important scene in his first film was no doubt intimidating. The decision was made to throw the Riddler down against the café counter. And according to Gil, the Riddler’s stunt performer gave the actor permission to go full force.


“He says, ‘hey man, you know, you can hit me as hard as you want. Let’s do this thing,'” Gil remembered. And apparently, he took those words to heart. “I cracked the dude’s head over the diner and the glasses like snapped, the glasses like snapped in half.”

With an HBO Max spinoff series focused on Gotham P.D. in the works and a film sequel nearly guaranteed, the extent of Officer Martinez’s future involvement within the world of The Batman is uncertain. However, we hope that the character continues and that his role and screen time grow. Gil Perez-Abraham has the makings of a movie star and as his star power grows, so does the likelihood of Officer Martinez climbing the ranks at Gotham P.D.

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