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“The best option could be as advisor”: The Rock Teases Becoming DCEU Advisor in Future After Black Adam Gets Electrifying Reviews From First Screenings

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The Rock’s presence in the public arena has always been a matter of great show and exposure. No matter the scale of the event, the former professional wrestler turned actor has managed to garner instant love and inspire fandoms devoted to his on-screen appearances. Currently, after a decade of a relatively successful stay in Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson plans to redefine Warner Bros.’s comic book movie division with his colossal Black Adam debut.

The Rock
The Rock

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The Rock’s Business Shrewdness Helps Orient the DCEU

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘s career has seen spikes in great leaps and bounds and it’s no surprise that the larger-than-life celebrity who somehow remains a poster boy of humility and sincerity is an appreciable addition to any project that a studio wishes to undertake. However, one of the aspects of his success that often gets overlooked in preference to his much wider reach as an actor and celebrity figure is the business shrewdness that he brings to the table.

Project Rock
Dwayne Johnson announces Project Rock as official UFC partner

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Although that analytical eye for profit remained exclusively separate from his life as an actor for a better part of the decade, The Rock has now become more publicly engaged in business ventures. He has been recently present in the news for Project Rock’s official partnership with the UFC. His skill for promotion and ability to draw a crowd’s whole-hearted attention can also be seen in the ongoing promotion and press of the upcoming DCEU film, Black Adam. 

As stated by the Hobbs & Shaw actor, Black Adam is going to re-orient the DCEU and establish a new hierarchy within the franchise universe. His constant dedication to making the character come alive over the course of the past 6 to 8 years has paid off in incredible measures. With rumors now circulating about Johnson’s active involvement in the return of Henry Cavill as Superman, it seems like The Rock is taking his role as a businessman and negotiator rather seriously.

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The Rock Discusses His Role in Hollywood’s DCEU Future

At a Black Adam premiere event, Variety asked the actor since DC is yet to find its own Kevin Feige version of film chief and the role stays vacant as of now if he would be interested in taking up the position, to which he replied,

“You’re very kind to ask that question. I think the best position that I can be for DC is one as an advisor where I can help, and I can help greatly. I love DC to my blood, as a little boy, I grew up loving the super friends, specifically Superman. I saw my first Black Adam comic and it was arresting to me. His face was intense, he looked cool, he looked badass, and he had brown skin. So automatically I was relating to him. I am DC through and through and in the spirit of going at the DC universe, I’m here to help in any way I can, including looking for and finding that right leader or leaders.”

Black Adam's cinematography promises a callback to the SnyderVerse era
Black Adam‘s cinematography promises a callback to the SnyderVerse era

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Although this is not a completely new or radical shift in strategy to see an actor officially take up a role as an executive decision-maker at a studio, it is a great responsibility to manage a franchise that is barely surviving by scraps of threads. The Rock has undoubtedly shown enormous expertise in reviving the dying reputation of Warner Bros. and extinguishing the swirling DC controversies with his stifling promotion and management of the press surrounding the film. It wouldn’t be a terrible idea for DC Films to indeed hire The Rock in an advisory capacity, as per his suggestion.

Black Adam will premiere on October 21, 2022.

Source: Variety

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