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‘The biggest downgrade of all time’: James Gunn Allegedly Recasting Aquaman Star Jason Momoa as Lobo Has DC Fans Riled Up


Jason Momoa’s tenure as one of the Seven was a satisfying arc to watch. Portraying a troubled warrior caught between both worlds, Momoa’s grim, snarky, and reluctant superhero Aquaman was brought alive in Zack Snyder’s iconic adaptation of the DC universe. But with the SnyderVerse proving to be even more of a riot to maintain than its world-weary and battle-hardened characters, the actor was made to take a backseat as the franchise charted a path for itself toward the future.

With rumors of Lobo then rising in the undercurrents of DC’s shifting waters, the people quickly claimed how the antiheroic comic book character could not be better portrayed by anyone other than Jason Momoa.  More than simply resembling him in physicality, the actor’s incredulous energy and hype surrounding a mysterious new announcement has only added more fuel to the fire recently.

Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa

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Rumors of Jason Momoa as Lobo Keeps Snowballing

Initially, the news of Jason Momoa’s recasting as Lobo spread like wildfire, and the fandom which was left bruised and battered in the aftermath of DC’s undue denigration of the SnyderVerse jumped with anticipation and excitement. Soon after, the public revelry took a turn following the actor’s celebratory screams on social media. His unmatched enthusiasm overflowed into the public arena over a mysterious new assignment for which he thanked, expressed his love, and blew kisses in the air for Peter Safran, James Gunn, and David Zaslav.


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With mass anticipation soaring regarding the unnamed project in question, some people are finding fault with the tone of the news, since Momoa’s Aquaman was not merely a critical and commercial success but is also the only remaining survivor from the wreckage of SnyderVerse that is still unmarred by controversy and disdain. To Momoa, however, there couldn’t have been better news as he has remained in a perpetual state of happiness and zeal ever since he received the coveted piece of information a few months ago.

Fans Divided Over Rumors of Jason Momoa Playing Lobo

Jason Momoa as Aquaman in Justice League Snyder’s Cut

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Jason Momoa’s recasting is a subject that has been patiently waiting in the wings, ready to be plucked out of the popular lineup, as soon as the sequel hits the floors of the theatre. But, change is something that people have had too much of, and too much of something has never been good. Fans have poured in with their comments on social media after the latest post from Jason Momoa has gone viral with some claiming the rumors of Momoa being recast from Aquaman to Lobo is not all that it’s made out to be.

Jason Momoa’s upcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom witnesses the titular hero pick up after the events of the first film when he reclaims his rightful place as the Prince of Atlantis after spending decades rejecting the throne. The film, in more ways than one, will spell the end of the SnyderVerse, pulling down the curtains on the universe once and for all.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom premieres theatrically on 25 December 2023.

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