The Boys: 10 Biggest WTF Moments In The Series

The Boys: 10 Biggest WTF Moments In The Series

The Boys, written by Eric Kripke has taken the world by storm, and with good reason. The Boys is a phenomenal show, but it’s also filled with some absurd moments. Here are my top ten WTF moments from the first three seasons of The Boys.

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10. Kimiko Laughs

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Kimiko is the newest member of The Boys and currently holds the throne as the only female in the group. Due to her having to watch the murder of her parents, Kimiko has been left unable and or unwilling to talk. That’s why it was a huge surprise in season two episode eight  … when she laughs in the face of the woman who killed her brother, a Nazi, Stormfront. For any other one of The Boys, this wouldn’t be out of the ordinary, but this is literally the only noise Kimiko has made throughout three seasons. Not to mention Maeve, Starlight, and herself beat the lights out of Stormfront moments after.

9. The Whale

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This scene starts with The Boys calmly headed toward the shore of an island they need to reach to complete their current mission. The happy trails are cut short though as they begin to be attacked by an outrageous number of sharks. Moments later The Deep emerges from the water, riding a whale. The Boys try to outrun him but to no success as The Deep blocks off the tunnel, they must enter with the whale. Just when you think all has been lost and they’ll have to find another way, Butcher guns it, skewering the whale with the boat. The Boys are flung inside of the whale, and The Deep is left crying over his lost friend.

8. Butcher And Hughie Get Powers



Although an unlikely duo, Hughie and Butcher have really taken over the show to become a duo we itch to see interact each week. Butcher decides to take a dose of V24 (a temporary version of Compound V that lasts only 24 hours) after almost being killed by Gunpowder. It is not revealed right away that Butcher has powers as his injection isn’t shown on screen, but after stopping bullets with his skin and shooting lasers from his eyes, it was then apparent that Butcher had reached a new level. 

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Hughie’s powers are revealed in a similar fashion, as he is not even shown acquiring the V24 on screen. After Butcher uses his powers in front of The Boys for the first time, he leaves one soldier that is trying to kill them alive, and he is standing right behind M.M. Before we have time to react, we see a fist appear in the man’s stomach as the camera pans back around to Hughie. This is a shock as for the two and a half seasons Hughie has been a bit of a wimp, and he is now laughing in excitement after punching a hole through someone. 

7. Becca is Alive And With Ryan

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Butcher is one of the most important and loved characters in the whole series, and we learn early on that all of the trouble he is going through is to find his wife Becca who suddenly went missing one day. It comes as no shock then that we were all left mind-blown that not only was Becca alive, she was raped by Homelander, forced to have the child, and be shipped to a private compound to never be seen again. Upon finding out this news the whole mood of the show changes, as this is no longer a wild goose chase, it’s a manhunt. Upon finding Becca, Butcher learns that her son, Ryan, is a spitting image of Homelander, and they even share the same powers. This makes Ryan the first natural-born supe in the universe, and leaves us all wondering if he’ll turn out like his father.

6. Robin’s Death

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Robin is a character that we don’t see much of in this series, but boy does she play an important role. Robin was Hughie’s girlfriend in the very first minutes of the show. The show seems to be playing out normally and calmly and Hughie and Robin are seen walking down a street talking about their future. Hughie turns to look at Robin and grabs her hands, and in that second Robin disappears. It then shows Hughie, covered in blood, he looks to his right to see A-Train who utters “I can’t stop,” and continues on his way. 

This moment is not only the first indication that the heroes of this story are crooked, but it’s also the reason all the events of the show take place.


5. Homelander Makes Girl Jump


Season three is no joke, and the show makers have made that apparent, leaving for moments from both two episodes to land in the top five on this list. Season three episode two sees Homelander in a familiar scene, about to shoot an advertisement for Vought. The plan is to have a teenage girl jump off of a building, and for Homelander to save her. Things change though when a screen behind them shows that Homelanders girlfriend, Stormfront, has committed suicide. This is the breaking point for an already mentally insane Homelander, as he turns around and forces the girl to jump as she pleads for mercy. Homelander then threatens to kill her himself, so she jumps and as you can guess, he didn’t save her.


4. The Congressional Hearing

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Season two episode seven is spotlighted by a Congress hearing, in which Congresswoman Valerie Neuman is supposed to testify against Vought and Homelander, which would serve as the first step in taking the two down. The hearing takes a turn though when ex-CSO of Vought appears on the stand to testify against Vought, but before he can even get a word out his head explodes. In the moments after we’re shown more than half of the people in attendance heads pop off, all of which was broadcasted on Live TV. This scene is not only one of the craziest moments in the entire show, but easily also one of the most brutal.


3. The Truth About Compound V


In the first season and a half of The Boys, we are led to believe that the heroes we see have been chosen by God, each of them having their powers since birth. We soon learn this is not the case though, as while Season 2 nears its end it is revealed that not only are the heroes not born with powers, they’re created in a lab. The Boys finding this out plays a major part for each of the characters individually, but not only that, it may be the biggest plot twist of the entire show


2. The Tunnel of Love

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If there’s one scene that caught the public’s eye from this show it’s this one. Season three episode one opens with Frenchie given the mission to infiltrate a party and look for the supe, Termite (Yes, he has the powers of Ant-Man). As Frenchie And Kimiko search the party for Termite, we are shown a scene of him hooking up with a man named Peter in a private bedroom. Peter tells Termite, “I want you inside me,” which he meant quite literally. Termite then shrinks down onto the cocaine-filled table, jumps over a few lines of cocaine, and leaps into the tip of Peter’s penis. Termite’s journey is cut rather short when he feels a sneeze coming on. He tries his hardest to hold it off, but it is to no avail. Termite, still struggling to catch his breath,  lets out a sneeze that turns him back to his normal size, resulting in Peter being killed from the inside out.


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Frenchie then enters the room at the worst moment possible, as Termite tells him no one can see what had happened and proceeds to shrink back down and tries to crawl up Frenchie’s ass, presumably to give him the same fate as Peter. Termite is eventually bagged by Butcher, who shakes him around in a Ziploc of cocaine.


1. The Plane Scene

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Coming in at number one on our list, is you guessed it, the plane scene. While we had already seen the other heroes do some disgusting things, this is the first act of insanity we see from Homelander, as before this he is portrayed as the perfect man. Given the task to save a plane that is plummeting down, Homelander and Maeve arrive at what it seems like to offer help. This is surely not the case though as Homelander begins to make excuses as to why he can’t save a single person on the plane, including the child standing right in front of him. Homelander then forces Maeve to leave with him, stating that if he saves any of them they’ll tell the world that they just left the rest of them to die. 


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