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The Boys: 10 Jaw-Dropping Facts You Never Knew

The Boys is a dark superhero series that has captured the hearts and minds of millions. This Amazon Prime original has some hidden facts so shocking it will leave you gasping for air.

Was Pitched To Cinemax Before Amazon Prime

The Boys is now synonymous with Amazon Prime. But that was not always the case. When the show was not even in its pre-production phase, show runner Eric Kripke pitched The Boys to Cinemax. That was three years before the show found its home in Amazon Prime. The Boys was almost going to become a cable show. When Cinemax declined the offer, Kripke was actually relieved. He would have had to make so many changes to the show’s narrative because of Cinemax’s family friendly target audience.

The Show Is Toned Down For TV

The Boys is considered as one of the goriest and bloodiest shows o Earth. It’s graphic depiction of sex and violence pushes the boundaries of small scree entertainment in ways we never thought were possible. But it is still nothing compared to the comic book source material. Garth Ennis is a man who is known to not hold back when making his story lines. His previous creations were the Punisher and Preacher series. So that should be enough hint. The show just stops things with some blood and guts. The comic books have scenes like supes biting the heads off of babies and sexual assault of an asteroid!!

Nathan Mitchell, Black Noir Actor, Is Actually Allergic To Nuts

In a case of art imitating life, we have something that might pique your interest. Nathan Mitchell, the actor who plays Black Noir, in The Boys, actually has a nut allergy that could become deadly if not attended to. In season Two of The Boys, Black Noir is taken down by Queen Maeve after she shoves up an Almond Joy down his throat. The show did some uncanny fourth wall twist by giving Nathan Mitchell’s character the same allergy the actor has in real life.

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Karen Fukuhara Developed Her Own Sign Language

Kimiko has a tremendous character development arc in Season Two of The Boys. In the second season of the show, Kimiko meets Kenji. The mute Kimiko converses with her brother with a unique form of sign language. Karen Fukuhara worked tirelessly with sign language expert Amanda Richer to learn the actual sign language to authentically pull it off on screen. She then added her own distinct hand signs and gestures to create an entirely new gesture based language on her own. Not many actors could boast of this feat in the industry.

Stormfront Was Supposed To Be Male

In the comic books, Stormfront was one of the many Nazi super children that were produced by Hitler’s scientists during the final phases of World War Two. After Stormfront was deemed unpredictable and uncontrollable, Hitler wanted to get rid of the Supe, who eventually found a way to America under the Vought Industries banner. It was from Stormfront’s DNA that Homelander came into being. And most important of all – the supe was a man, not a woman. The show wantonly changed the gender of the character because a woman can control a man in ways another man never could. Also the chemistry between Homelander and Stormfront looks way more legit and interesting to watch.

Starlight’s Costume Was Extremely Troublesome

In the show, Starlight starts visibly opposing the various decisions Vought starts taking for her. One of the decisions she never had a say in was her super raunchy and revealing suit. But it was not just the character that opposed the suit. Erin Moriarty, the one who plays starlight in The Boys, was also against wearing it. While her character’s motivations for opposing the suit were on moral grounds, Erin Moriarty felt the suit was very uncomfortable and made life hell for her on set. In an interview with Insider, Moriarty said it was very difficult to go to the bathroom when you are wearing such a tight suit like that.

The Show Was Almost Directed By Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen serves as an executive producer in the Amazon Prime Original series. But if fate would have had its way, then this comic actor would have been directing the very pilot episode of The Boys. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg co-created the live-action adaptation of Garth Ennis’ Preacher. So they were actually the first choices for The Boys. The reason they did not come into the picture was scheduling conflicts. As a result, 10 Cloverfield Lane Director Dan Tractenberg was roped in for the series.

Toronto Hates The Boys

The Boys is no stranger to violence on a grand scale. As a result of its mature content, it is bound to be embroiled in some form of controversy. A certain scene filmed in Toronto had so much mayhem and carnage that a few Toronto residents believed it showed the area in a bad light, protestors took to the streets after a scene filmed in the Mel Lastman Square drew massive ire. The people claimed the scene was eerily familiar to an actual event that happened in 2018 in the area where many innocents died. It was not until John Fillion, Toronto Councilor stepped in that the issue was resolved.

Starlight’s Costume Designer Is A Pixar Character

In The Boys Season One, Starlight officially becomes a part of The Seven. Vought intends to give her a complete makeover. Part of that involves giving her a new costume. The person who designed this new costume looks very similar to the character Edna Mode from The Incredibles. She has thick thick black glasses with a bob cut and an unforgettable voice. Fans believe that the character is a homage to the Incredible and Incredibles 2 character from the Pixar Universe.

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The Show Was A Bloodbath…Literally!!

For a show that showcased and romanticized ultra violence, its only natural to state that a lot of fake blood was involved. But the amount of blood the show used for each episode was staggeringly high. Laz Alonso, the actor who plays Mother’s Milk in the series, says that the entire process where the blood is applied to their bodies took at least two hours. And the blood would remain on their bodies for weeks. Jack Quaid’s infamous whale scene involved him being covered in blood for three hours in a hundred degrees. Season two involved a lot more fake blood than season one.

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