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The Boys: 17 Characters Who Are Copied From DC and Marvel

The Boys has become Amazon Studio’s flagship show after its record-breaking viewership and widespread acclaim. Adapted from Garth Ennis’ graphic novel of the same name, The Boys is a dystopian and subversive take on the superhero genre where heroes are not what they seem like. Though the show has taken a few creative liberties in the portrayal of these deranged, homicidal superheroes, they still retain most of their powers from their comic-book counterparts.

The Boys

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The subversive nature of the show is a dark parody of the beloved superhero genre that has become so much popular in the last decade. While the Seven is based on DC’s Justice League, there are a few other characters who are inspired by popular superheroes from Marvel comics. Let’s check them out!

17: Tek Knight: Iron Man/Batman

The Boys Tek Knight

Though Tek Knight has not yet made his appearance in the show, he has been name-dropped a couple of times now. In the comics, Tek Knight is a member of the team named Payback. Unlike most superheroes, Tek Knight doesn’t have any superpowers. However, he is a wealthy playboy and does have a high-tech suit that grants him super strength and the ability to fly. While his reliance on technology does sound a lot like Iron Man, Tek Knight is also inspired by Batman since he operates out of an underground cave and has young sidekicks.

16. Blindspot: Daredevil

The Boys Blindspot

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Blindspot made his brief appearance in the second season of The Boys for a seat at the Seven. Though he met a tragic end at the hands of Homelander, he did remind a lot of Daredevil. Like the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, Blindspot is blind but uses his other enhanced senses to fight.

15. Ezekiel: Mister Fantastic/Plastic Man

The Boys Ezekiel

Ezekiel is portrayed as the God-loving preacher who is actually on the payroll of Vought International. Secretly gay, Ezekiel regularly engages in orgies and parties in secret nightclubs. His notable power includes his ability to stretch his limbs according to his will. Sounds very much like an evil Mister Fantastic and slightly less pervert version of Plastic Man.

14. Lamplighter: Alan Scott

The Boys Lamplighter

Lamplighter was first shown to be retiring from the Seven in the first season. In the second season, he made his return and became an unlikely ally for the Boys. His powers of pyrokinesis are quite different from Alan Scott, both of them do carry a lamp.

13. A-Train: Flash/Quicksilver

The Boys A-Train

The speedster of the Seven, A-Train is portrayed as a black man in the show, unlike his comic-book counterpart. But unlike the Flash or Quicksilver, A-Train relies on Compound V to stay at the top of his game. His drug addiction and general recklessness make him a much more complicated character than his DC and Marvel counterparts.

12. The Deep: Aquaman

The Boys The Deep

Unless in his own element, the Deep is essentially powerless when compared to the other members of the Seven. A parody of Aquaman, the Deep is a deeply insecure character with body image issues. Though his deep care for aquatic animals is a nice touch, he is still far from being decent.

11. Stormfront: Shazam/Storm

The Boys Stormfront

The Stormfront from the show is quite different from her comic-book counterpart. Apart from the gender reversal, the show’s Stormfront is much more insidious and manipulative. Her super strength, flight, durability, and ability to use electricity is quite similar to Shazam and Storm.

10. Eagle the Archer: Green Arrow/Hawkeye

Eagle the Archer made his appearance as a minor character in the second season. A former member of the Church of the Collective, he introduced the Deep to the Church and helped him to regain his self-confidence. Like his DC and Marvel counterparts, Eagle is an archer.

9. Doppelganger: Mystique/Elongated Man

Doppelganger played a minor role when he was asked to turn into Madelyn Stillwell by Homelander in the second season. Inspired by Mystique, Doppelganger can change his appearance by his will. Like Elongated Man, Doppelganger has also said that it is quite painful for him to resemble other people for a long time.

8. Starlight: Doctor Light

Kimiyo Hoshi/Starlight is a DC supervillain who has control over all forms of light without relying on any equipment. Like her DC counterpart, Starlight also produces bright flashes of light, but only if there are power sources nearby. Interestingly, Starlight is one of the few good superheroes, unlike most members on this list.

7. Mesmerizer: Charles Xavier

Mesmerizer appeared in the second season when he was hired by the Boys to know more about Kimiko. Like Charles Xavier, Mesmerizer can read thoughts. However, he needs to physically touch them, unlike the most powerful telepath of Marvel.

6. Soldier Boy: Captain America/Nuke

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Confirmed to make his appearance in the third season, Soldier Boy is inspired by Captain America and Nuke. He also uses a shield and his costume is quite akin to the one worn by Captain America. However, his overly patriotic and violent nature is much more similar to that of Nuke.

5. Kimiko: Wolverine/X-23

Kimiko/The Female of the Species is the only superhuman in the Boys. While she doesn’t possess any adamantium retractable claws, her feral nature, violent temper, and ability to survive fatal attacks are quite similar to that of Wolverine and X-23.

4. Translucent: The Invisible Woman

Though Translucent doesn’t appear in the comics, he does play a major role in the first season. His ability to become invisible by changing his carbon metamaterial skin that can also deflect bullets and most physical attacks. While the Invisible Woman does have a lot of other powers, she is mostly known for her invisibility.

3. Black Noir: Batman/Deathstroke

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It’s currently unclear what lies ahead for Black Noir in the upcoming season. His mastery of martial arts and stealth is heavily inspired by Batman. However, his enhanced senses and healing factor are much more similar to Deathstroke.

2. Queen Maeve: Wonder Woman

From costume to the sword, Queen Maeve resembles Wonder Woman in many ways. Her super strength, durability, reflexes are also similar to that of Diana. However, the two characters heavily differ when it comes to mental fortitude.

1. Homelander: Superman

The not-so-subtle parody of Superman, Homelander is the spitting image of the Kryptonian. While his lack of morals and narcissistic personality is a far cry from what Superman is, their powers are very much similar, maybe, except freezing breath and the need for a yellow sun.

Written by Akash Senapati

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