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The Boys: 5 Marvel Heroes They Can Beat (& 5 They Should Steer Clear Of)

Amazon Studios hit the jackpot when Eric Kripke decided to adapt the grisly and violent graphic novel by Garth Ennis for television. The Boys has become one of the most-watched shows in recent years owing to its subversive, ultra-violent, and mature themes. The show has received critical acclaim for its plotline, complicated characters, and dazzling performances.

The Boys

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In the show, the Boys are led by Billy Butcher, a former member of the British Special Forces who has now turned into a violent vigilante. Joining him in his crusade are Mother’s Milk (M.M.), Frenchie, Hughie, and Kimiko. The group’s hatred towards superheroes for what they really are has kept the group intact despite their numerous altercations. Though the group has only one superpowered member, they have a proven track record of taking down some of the most powerful ‘superheroes’ both in the show and the comics. But how far would this rag-tag team fare against the heroes from the Marvel universe? Let’s find out.

10. Take Down: Captain America

The Boys vs Captain America

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The greatest soldier in history, Captain America is the epitome of goodness. His incredible will, superhuman strength, reflexes, and brilliant strategic mind makes him one of the best heroes Marvel has to offer. Armed with his vibranium shield, Captain America is a force of nature. However, what most Marvel villains get wrong is to take the American patriot head-on. In the comics, Captain America was killed by a brainwashed Sharon Carter. And that’s what the Boys need, a well-timed shot from a good vantage point.

9. Avoid: Spider-Man

The Boys vs Spider-Man

What Spider-Man lacks in experience he compensates for with his amazing abilities. From superhuman strength to speed, Spider-Man battles the most vicious villains almost every day. However, what truly sets him apart is his insane Spider-Sense. His extremely sensitive Spider-Sense can sense the slightest change in his environment which throws any chances of sneaking up out of the window. Not even a sniper can take the web-slinger down, no matter how good the aim is.

8. Take Down: The Punisher

The Boys vs The Punisher

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Billy Butcher and Frank Castle are quite similar to each other. Both are former army men, trained in firearms and combat. But most importantly, both of them are driven by vengeance. The Punisher has achieved some truly extraordinary feats in the comics which makes him one of the toughest badasses of the Marvel universe. Though taking down Frank Castle is not an easy task, Billy Butcher and his group hunt down superpowered beings for breakfast. Not to mention, Billy also uses Compound V when he is cornered.

7. Avoid: Wolverine

Billy’s fiery temper looks cute when compared to Wolverine’s berserker rage. The unkillable mutant is pretty much impervious to everything that the Boys have to use against him. From bullets to bombs, the Wolverine can just bounce right back. Also, Wolvie can pretty much sniff out the Boys in case they plan to ambush him.

6. Take Down: Beast

The scientific genius of the X-Men, Beast is a formidable opponent for anyone. His different levels of mutation grant him the ability to change his form according to his will. Despite being a skilled acrobat and master hand to hand combatant, the Boys can take him down. With Kimiko’s feral attacks and regenerative ability, Beast should probably sit this one out.

5. Avoid: Black Widow

The Boys vs Black Widow

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While Black Widow might not have a plethora of superpowers, she is one of the best espionage agents in Marvel. As a spy and a top-ranking agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., beating Black Widow at the game of sneak attacks is next to impossible for the Boys. Black Widow is also an accomplished martial artist and uses a variety of high-tech weapons that can easily neutralize Billy and his gang.

4. Take Down: Iron Man

Despite being one of the greatest Marvel heroes, Iron Man is his own worst enemy. Though he is a genius strategist and inventor, his narcissism and hedonism are his cause of downfall. His finer taste in food and alcohol makes him an easy target for the Boys. Not the one to shy away from playing dirty, the Boys can easily go for an age-old trick of murder: poisoning.

3. Avoid: Black Panther

The King of Wakanda is definitely a juicy target for the Boys to miss. If fought fairly, Black Panther would easily mop the floor with the Boys. But then, it can be argued that T’Challa doesn’t always wear his vibranium suit which makes him a target for a trained sniper like Mother’s Milk. But then, the King rarely goes out without his fearsome Dora Milaje bodyguards who are always on the lookout. Also, Wakandan technology is far superior to anything that the Boys use, in case a violent fight breaks out.

2. Take Down: Hawkeye

The master archer is also a brilliant strategist and an expert combatant apart from his impeccable marksmanship. However, his lack of any superpowers does prove to be disadvantageous in this condition. Though the Boys might not be as good as Hawkeye when it comes to shooting, their teamwork and willingness to play rough might be enough to take down Clint Barton.

1. Avoid: The Hulk

This would be one interesting fight that would probably mark the end of the Boys. Bruce Banner’s mild-mannered personality can be easily underestimated. However, a flick of danger and the raging green monster comes out to wipe out the attackers. Absolutely nothing works against the Hulk, not even begging for mercy.