The Boys Latest Episode Decimates Gal Gadot’s Tone Deaf Imagine Video, Tops Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad Parody

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Finally after much anticipation, Amazon Prime dropped the 6th episode of The Boys “Herogasm”. The expectations regarding this episode were undoubtedly humongous among the fans. But hardly had anyone discovered what the makers truly meant by “not being suitable for everyone” when they discovered the Gal Gadot’s ‘imagine’ controversy paving its way in the series.

Deep featured in "imagine" parody
Deep featured in Gal Gadot’s “imagine” controversy parody

The Boys and modern Pop Culture trends: “A Couple”

It is not the first time, the Boys took a whole piece of modern Pop Culture Controversy and mingled it with their show for some social mockery. In the latest season 3 only, we have seen the whole A Train commercial scene in episode 4 titled “Glorious Five Year Plan” and it hilariously parodied the whole infamous Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad controversy.

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After Kendall, their latest prey has been the Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot with her “imagine” controversy.

Gal Gadot parody in Boys
The Boys parodied Gadot’s infamous “Imagine” controversy

“Imagine” Controversy meets The Boys:

In the earlier months of the COVID pandemic, Gal Gadot took over the social media controversy list when she posted a star-studded video showing the sing-along of the John Lennon classic “imagine” but the worldwide audience didn’t show a positive attitude towards that and that’s what attracted The Boys makers to include in their show.

At the start of the latest episode “Herogasm”, we saw The Deep played by Chace Crawford doing a similar campaign on social media and once again the fans took over the Twitter with their hilarious reactions to it:


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The Fans are in awe watching how the makers of the Boys have honed their skills in both “weaving social commentary to pop culture” and also marketing the show so brilliantly. When they at first told us “not for everyone”, not a single soul thought something except po*n but they totally took a u-turn, and what we got completely justified their statement even if in a different way.


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More Left for The Show?

William Butcher in Boys
William Butcher played by Karl Urban in Boys

When it’s Amazon Prime’s The Boys, you never know. Moreover with 2 episodes still left for the conclusion of season 3, it can be still expected that Eric Kripke can come with more of these mockeries for his show, and no doubt we enjoy this as hell so why not??? 😉

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