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The Boys Hid a Clever Supernatural Easter Egg With Jensen Ackles’ Debut as Soldier Boy

Followed by 15 seasons of battling demons, gods, Leviathans, and a family heritage on Supernatural, Jensen Ackles is going to join the cast of The Boys Season 3, reported by the Variety. Jensen Ackles will play Soldier Boy, the original superhero in The Boys’ universe. When Soldier Boy came home from World War II in the comic books, he returned as more than a hero, he was the first “super celebrity” and intensified a well-known figure in American culture for decades.

The Boys Season 3 cast
The Boys Season 3 cast

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The Amazon Prime Video comic book series returned for its third season on June 3, 2022. From the last 15 seasons, Jensen Ackles was the nemesis of paranormal monsters in Supernatural, but when the fraternal blood war came to an end in 2020, he quickly reached a wild gig on The Boys, working with Supernatural creator Eric Kripke.

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Supernatural Fans Celebrate a Small Easter Egg in ‘The Boys’ Season 3

Jensen Ackles, Soldier Boy from season 3
Jensen Ackles, Soldier Boy from season 3

Jensen Ackles teases Soldier Boy a living legend who found attention during World War II but disappeared in the 1980s under unusual conditions. Soldier Boy comes out throughout season 3’s opening following two episodes through old photographs and some interesting archive footage. He makes his onscreen appearance properly in episode 3 when Grace Mallory reports a highly destructive Payback event in Nicaragua. The entry and appearance of Soldier Boy fit well with Vought’s culture in The Boys. But for Supernatural fans like us, it’s an Easter egg and a tribute to Jensen Ackles’ iconic role as Dean Winchester.

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The Boys Season 3 teases new set scenes
The Boys Season 3 teases new set scenes

In the very first scene, the Soldier Boy appears holding a grenade launcher loaded with Gunpowder. Also, Sam and Dean carried a small armory in an advanced trunk of their Chevrolet Impala, and the grenade launcher is sat collecting dust inside as early as Supernatural season 1. Soldier Boy is coming back with a very similar weapon during his very first season 3 scene is the precise tribute to Jensen Ackles’ past scenes but the Nicaragua occurrence throws away another Supernatural Easter egg to the fans. Soldier Boy’s appearance is supported by the sounds of “Rock You Like A Hurricane” by Scorpions. Even, Eric Kripke’s connections like the grenade launcher and the Scorpions song were unavoidable. There are even scenes of Dean Winchester in Soldier Boy’s personality when he desperately hits on young Grace Mallory.


Considering that Eric Kripke has now worked with Jensen Ackles on both Supernatural and The Boys, the clever little easter egg was surely picked up by hardcore fans of the monster-hunting series. Interestingly, Ackles has also reportedly pitched a Supernatural revival on HBO Max with co-star Jared Padalecki. But for now, it’s time for Soldier Boy to mark his return.

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The Boys is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video with new episodes every Friday.

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