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The Boys’ Homelander Actor Antony Starr Wants to Play Wolverine

The Boys’ Homelander Actor Antony Starr Wants to Play Wolverine

There can be no replacement for Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine. He is simply irreplaceable. But life moves on. Hugh has hung the claws for good and somebody else has to be brought in to fill those shoes. Many actors have expressed their interests on playing the part of the Wolverine in the future Marvel movies. Everyone from Zac Efron to Tom Hardy and Keanu Reeves have been rumored to have been offered the part by Marvel Studios. Another popular actor has also joined the race to play the clawed maniac. Antony Starr, more popularly known as Homelander of The Boys, has shown interest in becoming Marvel’s New Wolverine. Things are just getting better and better folks. Get that popcorn.

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The Disney-Fox merger has opened multiple doors of opportunities for the X-Men to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The X-Men have suddenly become an all too attractive medium for actors ot get their shot at making it to the dotted line that seals them as a part of the cast of the world’s most profitable movie franchise. The X-Men and the Fantastic Four are coming to the MCU. Wolverine is sure as hell making it in the first iteration of the X-Men. So the bidding wars for the character have become every man’s gamble in the movie making industry. Antony Starr is but the most recent bid in this horse race.

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Antony Starr gained international recognition after being featured as Homelander in The Boys, an Amazon Prime Original. Starr’s Homelander is an evil version of DC Comics’ Superman. He is a sociopath and a murderer with violent urges and tendencies he masks behind his boy-scout image. The Boys universe portrays a world where superheroes are real but they are much more malevolent and materialistic with some of them being downright evil and pretentious to the core. Superheroes or “Supes”, as they are called in the show, are used by marketing agencies as tools for advertisement. Super Heroics have been privatized, turning the world of The Boys into a bleak and dark fantasy nobody wants to be a part of.

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Antony Starr has had a major crush on Marvel superheroes. He had expressed interest to play other Marvel characters in the past. He is currently bidding to play a role as the MCU’s new Wolverine in the upcoming Marvel Movies Post Phase 4. Hugh Jackman has immortalized the role of Wolverine after playing the superhero in the X-Men movies for more than a decade. His latest and final appearance as the character was in Logan and his portrayal of the Wolverine was met with widespread acclaim and praise. Jackman played a distraught and dying Wolverine coming to terms with his final days and protecting the legacy he has left behind in the form of his clone – X-23.

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Hugh Jackman’s legacy is hard to top by any actor no matter how accomplished or popular he might be. That is a fact of life as true as the light of day and the dark of night. Starr along with the other known interested parties are all intending to take part in Disney’s future MCU franchise that will surely have the X-Men at the front lines.

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In a recent interview with ScreenGeek, Starr was asked a series of questions and doubts on the upcoming second season of The Boys. When asked about which X-Men actor does pique his interest and would like to play on the Big Screens, he was quick to reply “Wolverine”. He claimed that despite having “big shoes to fill”, he thinks he could do a good job at playing the part of Logan the Animal. The interview also saw him applauding Hugh Jackman’s contributions to Hollywood, especially to the superhero genre. On a lighter not, he did claim that Wolverine has one major demerit:

Wolverine doesn’t wear spandex, which is definitely a negative.

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Does this mean Starr is not as interested to play as Homelander in The Boys? He was quick to point out that the answer is a hard no. While playing as Wolverine in the marvel Cinematic Universe certainly sounds a lot tempting, he is also happy with what he has right now. The Boys Season 1 was a huge critical and financial success. Antony Starr’s portrayal of Homelander was one of the things that were praised along with Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher.

“Whatever comes, comes”, Starr was heard saying. He is grateful for the love and support of the fans. Work for Season 3 of The Boys is already underway. Antony Starr is making huge strides in the small screen segment as of now. Making him Wolverine of the MCU would certainly add a lot of stars to his resume but let us hope it does not affect the work and legacy he has left behind as the Homelander. Starr may or may not become the MCU’s Wolverine but he will always have a powerful fan-base as The Boys’ Homelander.

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Starr does have a shot at the throne. While we are not saying the other actors under consideration are any lesser, Marvel Studios will be looking for younger actors to play the part of the Wolverine in the future Marvel Movies. What Marvel intends to do with the X-Men is turn them into one of the greatest flagship superhero teams of their new superhero universe on the lines of the Avengers. They would need faces that could carry that torch for at least a decade like the founding members of the Avengers did. Only a few actors like Antony Starr and Zac Efron fill that criterion. No matter what direction the MCU takes with respect to the Wolverine, the mutant superhero is coming to the Marvel Movies one way or another.

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Antony Starr has the experience and the passion. He has been a vital part of the superhero genre. The Boys have become an iconic part of superhero entertainment. Starr might be a good replacement for Hugh Jackman. Hope Marvel is ready to foot the bill and let him join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The proposition does sound interesting. We urge Marvel Studios to consider his case. You never know if things just might turn out to be better than good with Starr wearing the adamantium claws!!

Source: ScreenGeek

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