Fan Favourite Jack Quaid Confirms Hughie Isn’t Involved In ‘The Boys’ Spin-Off ‘Gen V’

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Jack Quaid, who plays Hughie in the Amazon Prime superhero show The Boys has confirmed he has no place to play the character in the upcoming spin-off Gen V. Whilst not surprising to many, it had been announced a few months ago that the spin-off would be featuring characters we’ve already met in The Boys, and it’ll be featuring storylines introduced in the third season, and bridging the gap between the third and fourth seasons of its parent show.


Supposedly not even a conversation between him and his higher-ups as of yet, it looks like fans of Hughie will have to make do with his appearance in the upcoming fourth season, and with his arc in the third season, it’s likely to be an interesting season for him.


The Boys

the boys
Jack Quaid as Hughie Campbell.

Currently filming the fourth season of The Boys, Jack Quaid was asked about a multitude of things, the most pertinent being his possible inclusion in the spin-off Gen V. Whilst he confirmed he wouldn’t be getting involved, he did have some remarkably nice things to say about the show’s stars.

“Not at this point. I haven’t really talked about that with anyone, but I’d love to be. I actually can talk about this now, because it was happening when I was shooting Strange New Worlds in Toronto, and that was just as the cast of Gen V was starting production. So I took them all out to brunch one day. I got to know a bunch of them. They’re awesome. They’re so talented. They’re so cool. I can’t wait for that show to come out. I wish them all the best. They’re gonna knock it out of the park.”

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Whilst Hughie won’t be appearing, showrunner Eric Kripke said earlier in the year that fans can expect other characters to appear, and the spin-off, whilst continuing stuff from The Boys, will also have potential effects on the fourth season in its own way.

“There’s definitely crossover, and we’re doing our best to design a universe that sees some of the issues and storylines in Season 3 hand off to the first season in Varsity. Like there’s a presidential campaign happening in the background of that season, and there’s certain things that are happening at that school that are both in reaction to Season 3 of The Boys. There’s Soldier Boy, etc, but also some new storylines that are happening in that season of the spinoff that we have to pick up and take into Season 4 of the show.”

All of this sounds incredibly promising and it makes the spin-off Gen V sound much less like a cash grab trying to benefit from the original’s popularity, and more like a part of the expanding universe with actual consequences on the larger world going forward.


Butcher’s On A Deathly Time Limit

the boys
Karl Urban as Billy Butcher.

Quaid was also asked about the potential fallout regarding the news Butcher received in the third season’s final episode, and how the group will react not only to the news itself but the fact he’s kept it from them. For those who need a refresher, season three focused on Butcher and Hughie taking ‘temp V, which granted them superpowers temporarily, but had side effects that would result in death if the drug was used too much.

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Hughie seemingly managed to avoid any life-threatening side effects, however, Butcher had used it more, and unfortunately woke up in a hospital with a doctor giving him the news that he only had a year at most left to live. Whilst this will bring some urgency to the fourth season, with the group still not having done away with Homelander, who now seems stronger and more popular than ever, it’ll provide another obstacle for the group as they no doubt try to find a fix for Butcher, rather than lose their fearless if dangerous leader. Quaid had this to say.

“Man, I mean, we’re gonna have to find out, but it’s not gonna be good. Butcher is like his best friend and an older brother. So that’s pretty devastating news, when Hughie finds out but we’re just going to have to wait and see how that plays out.”

Out of all of the primary members of The Boys, Hughie is the most forgiving towards Butcher, and as Quaid says, even has a brotherly love towards him.

the boys
The cast of The Boys.

Who and when the crossovers of the characters from The Boys will be announced or seen on Gen V is yet to be seen, and with the way things were left in season three of The Boys, one thing is certain. Nothing will be any easier for them next time around.

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