The Boys Star Karl Urban Addresses Wolverine Casting Rumors

The Boys and Star Trek star Karl Urban addresses the rumors that have been circulating on social media about him being fan-casted as Wolverine.

The Marvel Comics character in the X-Men

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This Marvel Comics character has a good history. Logan aka Wolverine came to life in the franchise-launching first X-Men movie in 2000 by Hugh Jackman. Jackman continued playing the super-being eight times with his last appearance seen in 2017’s Logan.

After the character won hearts for nearly two decades making him one of the most popular of all comic book movie characters, Logan was intended to become the final farewell for Jackman’s Wolverine. However, with the X-Men joining the MCU following Disney’s acquiring 20th Century Fox, fans got a new hope about the Wolverine who could certainly live on in the franchise.

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Is Karl Urban The New Wolverine?

Karl Urban as Potential Wolverine
Karl Urban as Potential Logan

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Fans started storming the potential candidates who should take over for Jackman as the surly and super-powered Wolverine. The list included Jason Momoa and Tom Hardy (though they already are established as other comic book movie characters), Keanu Reeves and Brad Pitt (they’re not associated with any already-existing franchises), Daniel Radcliffe who for whatever reason has become a hot Wolverine fan-casting name. Though, fans got super excited when the list came up with The Boys and Star Trek actor Karl Urban.

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Karl Urban Address To the Rumors of Logan-Fan Casting

Karl Urban To the Rumors of Logan-Fan Casting

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In an interview with The Guardian, he addressed to the rumors as the actor claimed not to have heard of frequent Logan fan-casting and said, “Oh really? It’s flattering, but you have to rationally think about it. I’m what, two years younger than Hugh Jackman? [It is closer to four years.] I mean, if I was a studio looking to cast someone like Wolverine, I’d pick someone I’ll get three films out of. You’re not going to get three films out of Karl Urban unless you want a 65-year-old Wolverine.”

Though, Urban humbly told his reasons for not being a good Wolverine. Though his age according to him could become a liability, fans would love to see Urban playing the character as he is in the age range. That being said, it’s obviously a mystery if Disney agrees with fans to bring urban as Wolverine to the screens when The X-Men finally join the MCU.

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