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How The Boys Trolls MCU By Mutilating Most Iconic Marvel Quotes

Fans got to enjoy several amazing lines in the MCU. The Captain America’s “Avengers Assemble!” battle cry from Avengers: Endgame and Iron Man’s “I am Iron Man!” statement from his 2008 film debut and his use of the Infinity Gauntlet in the Thanos fight also made it to the top. Uncle Ben’s famous words of wisdom to Peter Parker was modified by Aunt May in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Interestingly, The Boys has had a hand in corrupting many such existing superhero lines. Here are the details:

Banner of MCU
Banner of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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How The Boys corrupted Spider-Man’s iconic dialogue:

One of the greatest lines in MCU.
One of the greatest lines in MCU.

Uncle Ben once said, “With great power comes great responsibility,” as a gentle reprimand to Spider-Man. The quote, which served as Pete’s motivation to change after his vanity caused Ben’s death, has been adapted for the Sony films as well as numerous cartoons and comic books. Sometime before Aunt May passed away in the MCU, she also said it. Billy Butcher revised this legendary statement on The Boys when Queen Maeve came on the scene. More makeshift Compound V was delivered by her for him and his men as they looked for Soldier Boy to use as a weapon against the crazy Homelander. Even yet, Billy detested her and all other superheroes while she chastised him for trying to be one. At this time, he stated, “With great power comes the absolute certainty that you’ll turn into a right c—t,” as he inspected the container carrying the green serum.

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Other lines that The Boys mutilated:

The Boys Season 3 makes fun of MCU's iconic lines.
The Boys Season 3.

Anther quote that was misconstrued was Captain America’s catchphrase, “Whatever it takes!”. This inspired The Avengers to retrieve Infinity Stones from the past in order to prevent Thanos’ Snap. Cap thought it was necessary, even though doing so was very risky, and thus he uttered this legendary line. In an early episode of The Boys, Hughie told Starlight that they were so anxious to murder Homelander that they would do anything. Hughie pledged to do “whatever it takes” in “The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies,” but Starlight disapproved of this new strategy. After killing his lover for turning him over to the Russians, Soldier Boy was encouraged to join him and Billy when they offered up Crimson Countess as an offering. Starlight struggled to believe that he would lie to her about taking the 24-hour V and that he would be okay with Billy drugging Mother’s Milk, just to carry out their strategy. In the end, she witnessed three men high on power who were shedding their heroic personas and turning into the exact monsters they had sworn to stop.

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