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The Boys: Why Herogasm Will Be The Show’s Answer To Infinity War

The Boys developer Eric Kripke has claimed that the next season will be adapting the much hyped Herogasm. The sixth episode of The Boys Season 3 will be showing us the highly infamous comic book arc. The six part comic book limited series is the work of Garth Ennis and takes the focus from Billy Butcher and company to the Supes. Herogasm is basically a Vought sponsored superpowered orgy that garnered critical acclaim when it was released back in 2009.

Herogasm – The Boys

Since The Boys show has made it a point that they are straying away from the comic books, a fresh new narrative may be in order. And this leads us to a rather obvious conclusion – Herogasm will be leading The Boys universe into its very own MCU-Level catastrophe.

Herogasm Is Too Predictable & Unsurprising Now


The Boys has drifted away from its comic book material since a long time. In fact, that is what makes the show so truly unique now. The comic books did indicate a level of unpredictability. But we already know what happens next if the show does everything by the book. The Boys has already introduced changes and permutations. Stormfront is a man in the comic books. Hughie’s age is different. Characters like Mesmer aren’t there in the source material. Kripke has already mentioned The Boys Season 3 will subvert fan expectations. Maybe he meant that the third season is prepping for a major divergence from the comic books.

Becca’s Retcon Proves The Show Likes Shuffling Things Up

Becca Butcher

Becca Butcher, in the comic books, has little to no narrative significance than being the woman in the fridge. She dies pretty early. Even her son Ryan doesn’t live long in the comic books. The show takes her character and twists and turns it, making Becca a one of a kind turning point within the show’s continuity. Becca’s actions affect the overall story. Ryan too has an effect on the plot. Becca Butcher is proof that the show likes jumbling things up to give us a more unique arc. The willingness for introducing new plot elements proves Herogasm will also be a very unique event within The Boys.

The Comic Book Event Is Way Too R-Rated, Even For The Boys

Soldier Boy & Homelander

Of all the violence and serial debauchery that happens in The Boys, Herogasm sits at the very submit of it. Herogasm takes everything you know and love about The Boys and turns up the volume to 100. There is no way Amazon will allow the showrunner to make a literal pornographic episode. So it is much more likely that The Boys Season 3 will use Herogasm as a classic bait and switch tactic. Instead of sticking to the source, Herogasm will introduce new plot elements to straying away from the source, a trope common to the show now.

Herogasm Will Lead To An Endgame-Like Event Within The Boys Universe

Avengers: Endgame

Just like the MCU revels in its approach of introducing big bad wolves, The Boys can use Herogasm to do the same. A more ferocious threat unlike anything The Boys have ever seen may be coming to screens in the third season’s sixth episode. The Boys likes making fun of the superhero genre in general. What better way to satire this genre than poking at the most popular superhero franchise in movie history?