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“The brutality that was at home”: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Who Skipped the Army to Become 7 Time Mr. Olympia, Said Nazi Father Had Schizophrenia after Losing WW2

"The brutality that was at home": Arnold Schwarzenegger, Who Skipped the Army to Become 7 Time Mr. Olympia, Said Nazi Father Had Schizophrenia after Losing WW2

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s journey from a bodybuilding champion to a Hollywood superstar is an inspiring story. The Austrian actor who won the Mr Olympia title a record 7 times, used his hulking physique to conquer the entertainment industry. With a career spanning many decades, Schwarzenegger has cemented his place as the original action star of Hollywood.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Former Mr. Olympia and Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger

Despite enjoying great success, the former Governor of California had a challenging childhood growing up in Austria. Schwarzenegger is now recalling many of the painful memories including his complicated equation with his military father in a brand new documentary series.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Relive His Tough Childhood In Docuseries

In a brand new 3 part documentary feature titled Arnold, action superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger will get candid about various aspects of his life including his inspiring journey from being a bodybuilding champion to a Hollywood superstar. More significantly, the actor will recall the painful memories from his childhood including his complex relationship with his “tyrant”  Nazi father who tormented him. In a snippet from the trailer, the actor reportedly talked about his realization of his father Gustav’s mental struggles that resulted in him being an abusive parent. Schwarzenegger detailed the reasons behind his father’s behavior and said,

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“He was buried underneath buildings, rubble, for three days, and on top of that, they lost the war. They went home so depressed. Austria was a country of broken men. I think there were times where my father really struggled. He would scream at three in the morning and we would wake up and our hearts were pounding because we knew that meant. He could, at any given time, strike my mother or go crazy.”  

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger will get candid about his life in Netflix’s new docuseries Arnold

The actor confessed that his brother’s death due to drunk driving was a result of their abusive upbringing that ultimately made his sibling snap and resort to alcoholism. Schwarzenegger though believed that his tough and courageous demeanor at a young age gave him the will to survive and rise above the obstacles.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Addresses His Affair With Housemaid

Apart from the disturbing details of his childhood, Arnold Schwarzenegger will also address another shocking incident from his life namely his affair with his housekeeper Mildred Baena with whom he fathered a son. The Terminator star recalled the awkward and difficult moment when he reportedly confessed his infidelity to his wife Maria Shriver in 2011 after she confronted him about the affair.


“I thought my heart stopped. And then I told the truth.’Yes, Maria. Joseph is my son’. She was obviously crushed by that.”

Mildred Baena
Arnold Schwarzenegger had an affair with housekeeper Mildred Baena and fathered a son.

Schwarzenegger will also share details about his political career and his unlikely road to becoming the Governor of California.

Arnold will air on June 7th on Netflix.

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Source: New York Post

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