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The Cat in the Hat Replaced with Weasel: The Suicide Squad Fan’s Creepy Edits

All thanks to The Suicide Squad fan’s creative editing, the Weasel, one of the most violent villains of the DCEU has made its way into Dr. Seuss’s children’s story. The results are creepy and bizarre, but the tweet has since then gone viral.






Kegatron, a Twitter user is responsible for doing the creative editing in the 2003 adaptation of The Cat in the Hat. The user did a few choice modifications and now we have several viral images of Weasel as the main protagonist of the Dr. Seuss movie adaptation. The role of the anthropomorphic cat is portrayed by Mike Myers in the movie, but it has been replaced by violent and creepy Suicide Squad villain Weasel.

Though the edits might have ruined certain childhoods, the tweet has garnered a whopping 150,000 likes. This also resulted in two more edits of the movie.






The edits by the fan have been done wonderfully and created a creepy and disturbing image that we never thought we needed. This bloodthirsty creature has been perfectly inserted in the Dr. Seuss adaptation that was originally written in 1957. In latest The Suicide Squad directed by James Gunn sees Weasel as hyperviolent with a taste for humans. Seeing Weasel standing behind children in The Cat in the Hat gives a disturbing twist to the story.






The Cat in the Hat received a low 9% aggregate by the critics when it was released in 2003. But the movie has become a good source for creating memes and doctored photos. The addition of Weasel is just a step forward.

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad is in theatres and streaming on HBO Max. The film received initial acclaim from critics and viewers. However, the movie didn’t reach its box office mark. The movie was taken over by Free Guy in the second week.

Written by Aditi Thosar