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The Conjuring 3: The Cast vs. What The Real People Look Like

The Conjuring 3 The Cast vs

The saga of the paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren will have a new chapter with the film. The Conjuring 3: the devil made me do it, which was released on May 26, 2021.

The married couple is known to the world for investigating the most controversial cases of demonic possessions on which the films The Conjuring are based.

The film is based on the real-life case of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, in 1981. He who brutally murdered his tenant, Alan Bono. His trial is one of the most remembered trials in the history of American justice when using in his defense the demonic possession.

The Warren spouses participated in the crime investigation and supported the theory that Johnson had a demonic spirit when he committed the murder.

“The Devil made me do it” was Arne Johnson’s defense before the Superior Court of Connecticut, USA, on November 24, 1981. Ed and Lorraine Warren said at the time that Johnson’s commission was due to demonic possession.

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A luxurious cast of the real conjuring 3

As expressed to Warner Bros, director Michael Chaves detailed some of the scariest moments audiences can expect in The Conjuring 3.

“The opening exorcism is something that I am very proud of. It will take your breath away. There are so many twists and turns in the movie that I hate to reveal too much. In a broad sense, the Warrens will face their biggest test yet. They have to face the darkest versions of themselves, the darkest possibilities of what they do. 

Patrick (Ed), Michael (Director), and Vera (Lorraine) on the set of the movie that was made in 2020.

Lorraine always emphasized to her that “there was no prescription on how to deal with the spiritual attacks.”

“No matter what trauma or darkness or what level of evil she experienced. She was always so full of joy, gratitude, and a sense of wonder,” the actress highlighted.

In turn, the young actor Ruairi O’Connor, another of the protagonists of this film and representing Arne Johnson, highlighted some of the most chilling moments of his character.

O’Connor argued that “at the beginning of the movie, Arne is desperately trying to get Debbie’s brother David’s demon into him. He is shaking a child and pleading with a demon to possess him. “

“That’s scary, especially since Julian Hilliard, who plays David, is very good at horror and screaming. There are iconic moments in this movie, Ed and Lorraine better watch their backs, that’s all I can say. “

On the other hand, the participation of Patrick Wilson playing Ed Warren remains. The film also stars Sarah Catherine Hook (Hulu’s Monsterland).


What is the cast of “Conjuring 3” like?

As befits part of the main series, Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson will be on board again. To impersonate the demonologists Lorraine and Ed Warren (in these roles, they also appear in other films in the “Conjuring” universe). Since exact plot details are still rare, it isn’t easy to classify the other actors according to their relevance. However, the IMDb list reveals four roles with the family name “Glatzel” – so this may be a family that will have a central function, although this is pure speculation. The members are played by Julian Hilliard (“Spuk in Hill House”), Charlene Amoia (“Birds of Prey: The Emancipation of Harley Quinn”), Sarah Catherine Hook (“Law & Order: New York”) and Paul Wilson (” Big Stone Gap “).

Meanwhile, Michael Chaves is directing, who made his debut as a feature film director with “Lloronas Fluch” in 2019. He appeared directly in the cinematic “Conjuring” universe.

Also interesting: Both a young Lorraine and a young Ed Warren were each cast with Megan Ashley Brown (“Animal Kingdom”) and Mitchell Hoog (“The Richard Jewell Case”). This suggests that there will be flashbacks in which the two characters and their pasts are examined in more detail.

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Other characters

Steve Coulter as Father Gordon – Father Gordon is the Warrens’ religious advisor and contact who talks with the Vatican on their side.

Vince Pisani as Father Newman – Father Newman was named upon to exorcise David and was also there in the initial stages following Arne’s arrest. He also led the Warrens to Father Kastner for help with the mysticism. 

Ingrid Bisu as Jessica Louise Strong – Jessica Louis Strong is the disappeared teenager the case Sergeant Clay is studying. As it turns out, her case ties to the occultist. It’s up to the Warrens to think out what happened to her and how sinister it is. 

Andrea Andrade as Katie Lincoln – Katie Lincoln is Jessica’s best friend who was shot just before Jessica’s disappearance. The events reaching her death are still a puzzle, which is why Sergeant Clay is stumping.

Terrifying success

The Conjuring universe has become one of the most successful horror movie sagas around the world. The tapes have grossed more than $ 1.8 billion in theaters around the world.

Conjuring 3 promises to continue along this blockbuster line and leave horror movie lovers with nightmares.

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The first two

James Wan directed the first installment of ‘The Conjuring.’ The film tells the story of the Perron family, made up of the marriage of Roger and Carolyn and their five daughters. After multiple paranormal experiences. After moving to a farm in Harrisville, she decided to go to the Warrens looking for help.

The story of ‘The Conjuring 2’, also directed by Wan, is set in Enfield, United Kingdom, where the Warren couple attends the case of the Hodgsons. Therefore, This family suffered the damage caused by a ‘poltergeist’ activity that harasses its members. Thus, Lorraine manages to strip the spirit and, in turn, save the Hodgsons.

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