‘The Conjuring’ Writers Plan for a Horror Film Franchise Based on the LaLaurie Mansion

The words “based on a true story” invoke intrigue in some and hesitation in others, especially within the horror genre. The gimmick has developed a stigma, pushing writers and filmmakers to favor taglines like “Inspired by true events…” instead. Even with some audiences rolling their eyes at the idea, history has given us a treasure trove of dark and twisted stories that lend themselves well to interpretation. The Conjuring writers Chad and Carey Hayes have just announced plans for a new horror film franchise centered around the historic LaLaurie Mansion of New Orleans.

Madame Delphine LaLaurie was a popular socialite of the early 1800s, who was ultimately tried for the gruesome and horrific treatment of her slaves. Even with slaves being thought of as property, rather than people at the time, Madame LaLaurie’s treatment was still seen as beyond cruel and should not be explained on this site for good taste.

Oscar-winning actress Kathy Bates previously portrayed Madame Delphine in Season 3 of American Horror Story. Plans for the new film franchise, however, are to cover history well after the LaLauries left the house. The writers have said the stories will cover “recent horrific events of modern-day all the way back to the terrifying origins.”

The LaLaurie Mansion has become a thing of legend in Louisiana and beyond. It is believed to be one of the most haunted houses in North America and this could easily lend itself to the silver screen in itself. Given the Hayes Brothers’ involvement with the Conjuring series, it could make sense that these new films could be a part of that universe; as all those stories are allegedly “inspired by true events.” And while the actions of Madame LaLaurie are horrific enough, we are almost guaranteed to see the supposed haunted history of the New Orleans mansion.

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Written by Kenneth Walker

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