“The crew said, don’t worry”: Yellowstone Star Kelly Reilly Literally Threw Herself To Real Wolves For Taylor Sheridan Western That Could Have Gone Awfully Wrong

The complexity of the role made it difficult for Reilly to find her own emotional connection to the character

Yellowstone Star Kelly Reilly Literally Threw Herself To Real Wolves For Taylor Sheridan Western That Could Have Gone Awfully Wrong


  • Kelly Reilly is a talented actress who recently won the Gracie Drama Award for Actress in a Leading Role for her role in Yellowstone.
  • She played the challenging and complex character of Beth Dutton in the show, which at first made her doubt herself about her ability to perform the role.
  • Despite being apprehensive at first, Reilly accepted the challenge and threw herself into the role
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Kelly Reilly is a talented actress, recently in the news for her impressive portrayal of Beth Dutton in the hit drama Yellowstone. Playing the black sheep of the Dutton family, Reilly has been doing an impressive job at portraying her witty yet problematic character.

Kelly Reilly

However, the role wasn’t easy for the English actress for it had some major challenges for her. Despite being apprehensive at first about accepting the role, Reilly accepted the challenge and really threw herself to the wolves for it.

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Kelly Reilly Threw Herself To A Pack Of Wolves For Yellowstone

reilly ran into real wolves for yellowstone
Reilly ran into real wolves for Yellowstone

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Kelly Reilly won the Gracie for Actress in a Leading Role- Drama Award at the 48th annual Gracie Awards for her role as Beth Dutton in Taylor Sheridan‘s Yellowstone. Despite her amazing portrayal and rightly picking up the very personality of the challenging character, she wasn’t sure she would be a good choice for the role of the eldest Datton daughter.

However, the actress eventually nailed the role and even literally went right into a pack of wild wolves for one of the scenes. During the first season, there is a scene where Beth runs into a pack of wolves with a bottle of whiskey.


The actress was pretty hesitant about the whole scene, for who would want to run into real wolves even if it was for a short duration? However, the actress stated (via Yahoo),

“The crew said, don’t worry. We’ve got these invisible pieces of cord so if they do run at you, that will trip them.” 

So, even though a little bit unsure about the scene and the great risks looming about the scene, off she went running into wild wolves, and shot the scene perfectly. Her determination and zeal for the role show how perfect the actress is for her role.

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Kelly Reilly Was Apprehensive About Her Yellowstone Role

Kelly Reilly
Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton in Yellowstone

Kelly Reilly’s Yellowstone role as Beth Dutton is not an easy one. Beth is a crazy mixture of all things witty, sarcastic, traumatic, difficult, and convoluted. So taking up a role that required an extreme emotional dedication apart from the physical aspect of the role made Reilly doubt herself.

She stated in her interview with Entertainment Tonight,

“It took me a while to really find her. I mean, she’s like stepping into a sports car. It was like how do I go from naught to 100 in three seconds.”

Despite Taylor Sheridan’s belief that she was the perfect person for the job, Beth’s complexity made her doubt herself. Fortunately, help from Sheridan and her search for the character and emotional connection helped her become the perfect Beth Dutton one could ever ask for.


Yellowstone can be streamed on Peacock.


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