After Calling It Quits as the Host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah Set to Return as the Emcee for the 2023 Grammys

After Calling It Quits as the Host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah Set to Return as the Emcee
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Former The Daily Show host Trevor Noah is set to return to television, but this time as the emcee on the highly anticipated 2023 Grammys. This is going to be Noah’s third time hosting the event, a fresh start after he departed from the talk show where he worked for seven years.

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Trevor Noah

The South African comedian will lead the Grammys in February, but before that, he will go on a global tour, Off The Record, in January. It seems that Noah’s post-Daily Show career is thriving and busy.

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Trevor Noah To Host 2023 Grammys After Exit From The Daily Show

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Trevor Noah on hosting the Grammys

The stand-up comedian will reunite with some of his former The Daily Show co-workers. These people also collaborated with the host in the previous Grammys. In his interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Noah said that his work with these people would not end after he departed from the show.

Some of us work on the Grammys together, some of us work on other shows that I’m producing. It’s almost like that moment in soccer. As a soccer player, you’ll play for your club and then you’ll play for the national team and there was always a moment where a player would retire from the national team. They’d say, ‘I’m no longer going to play at the international level, but I’ll still play for my club.’ And it’s always sad because they won’t be on the national team, but they’re still playing and they’re still playing with many of the players they know.”

Noah likened his hosting gig to a soccer game, and in an industry where collaborating with different kinds of people is the norm, it is not uncommon to meet the same group every once in a while.

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What’s Next For Trevor Noah

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Trevor Noah is open to endless possibilities

The comedian-host said he is open to trying out almost anything and grabbing every opportunity that comes his way. Aside from hosting, he also loves voiceover works and writing screenplays.

I’d love to make great movies, and I’d like to act in some of them, but I think stardom is a byproduct of a job well executed, so that’s not something I’m too concerned about. If anything, I wouldn’t mind a little less stardom so I can eat a few meals uninterrupted.”

Noah also claimed that he is not going to be a stranger to The Daily Show. He would most likely want to become a consultant, producer, or simply an avid viewer.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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