The Day Before Devs Fntastic Stumble and Fall as They Announce Closure after Games Critical Failure

Less than a week after the release of The Day Before, Fntastic have announced the closure of the studio.


  • An outright failure with their latest game has accumulated in Fntastic closing their studio.
  • The Day Before has overwhelmingly negative reviews despite only being released for a matter of days.
  • Many in the community are suspicious following the official statement.
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The Day Before has been released for less than a week and rather surprisingly, developers Fntastic have announced that they are closing the studio. This news had many in the community raising their eyebrows and questioning how a studio who have only just released a game, could decide to pack it all up in such a small space of time.


The post-apocalyptic open-world looter shooter was said to have been five years of ‘blood, sweat and tears‘ from the studio and in the lead up to release, Fntastic were hyped about the release. However, it appears that many fans are of the mind that, if this is the best they could up with in that time then maybe it is a good thing that they have decided to shut up shop.

What does this mean for the future of The Day Before?

The Day Before, Fntastic
The official statement from Fntastic has many in the community questioning the integrity of the studio.

Questions have to be asked as to how much can change in the space of a couple of days, as the Devs themselves promised that there would be a ‘huge update‘ which would see ‘server and AI fixes‘. Fast forward 48 hours and the studio is now shutting down, which as many have rightly stated, does indeed raise suspicions.


The studio states on X/Twitter that the future for The Day Before and the 2021 release, Propnight, remains uncertain but that servers would remain operational. How long they remain operational remains to be seen and despite their slogan which stated, ‘we craft fantastic journeys‘, it appears Fntastic’s journey has come to an end sooner than expected.

Looking at the official statement, Fntastic state that The Day Before failed financially and they don’t have the funds to continue. This either screams of financial mismanagement or just genuine poor business practice and unfortunately, the studio only has themselves to blame for how poorly received the game has been since it launched.

Following the official statement, there was a deluge of comments and at the time of writing, was sitting at over 2.7k. Some of the comments that followed were nothing short of scathing, with accusations of unscrupulous business practices being aimed at the developers:


This was an absolute scam from day one. This game should be de-listed from Steam and you should never be involved in the industry in ANY capacity ever again. F**k off.  – @BigfryTV

Closing a studio 1 week after a terrible release is sus. Sounds more like thanks for your money, we are closing now don’t contact us cya! – @OGG1993

This will go in the gaming history books and videos as one of the worst run scams of all time. – @ModernWarzone

Despite the Devs mentioning in their statement that any income received from sales of the game are being used to pay off partners, judging by the comments from the community many are less than convinced and view it as nothing more than a scam. Whether there is any truth to what is happening remains to be seen, however, as the saying goes, “there’s no smoke without fire”.

The Day Before
The Day Before has overwhelmingly negative reviews on Steam since its launch on 7 December.

Closing a studio just a week after the release of a game does have alarm bells ringing and it is understandable why fans are questioning how this could happen and how it could be viewed as suspicious. Many fans are questioning why The Day Before was even released, given how poorly it has been received and the overwhelmingly negative reviews on Steam.

At the time of writing, Fntastic has not responded to the accusations being made against them, but it is safe to say that any sort of reputation the developers had, has sadly been tarnished beyond repair. Despite this, it is a sad addition to what is a worrying trend in the game industry with studios closing down, and for many of the staff, it will no doubt put a severe dampener on their enjoyment of the festive season.


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