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The Emperor’s New Groove: 5 Best Quotes!

The Emperors New Groove 5 Best Quotes

Disney’s cult classic The Emperor’s New Groove is filled with several funny one-liners. They have already been a part of several funny memes and GIFs. However, the animated movie is also a source of motivational quotes.

Here are 5 best The Emperor’s New Groove quotes that are sure to motivate you or tickle your funny bone.

“Nobody’s That Heartless”

The Emperor's New Groove






The signature inspirational quote of the Disney movie which works as a words of wisdom. Pacha says this quote to Kuzco when he is trying to build his poolhouse on top of the village.

Kuzco proves this quote to be right when he saves Pacha’s life and accidently protests “nobody’s that heartless”. This is also the moment of Kuzco’s redemption.

“Oh Yeah. It’s All Coming Together

The Emperor's New Groove






This is perhaps the most iconic quote from this movie that has made it a cult classic. Several memes and GIFs have this quote. Kronk says this line when he meets Pacha and realizes that now he can easily find Kuzco. In this moment, Kronk gives this iconic one-liner, “Oh Yeah. It’s All Coming Together.”

Warburton’s voice and simple animation makes this a favorite meme.

“Why Do We Even Have That Lever?”

The Emperor's New Groove









Yzma and Kronk head the “secret” laboratory where Yzma asks Kronk to pull the lever. Of course, Kronk pulls the wrong lever. This makes Yzma end up in unknown watery depths. This cuts to the scene where Yzma is all wet with a crocodile latched on to her. Grumbling she says, “Why do we even have that lever?”

This scene is hilarious and certainly makes you giggle. This reminds you of a cartoon villain rather than a Disney villain. Moreover, this line cuts the villainous effect of Yzma who wants to kill Kuzco. In fact, Kuzco says the exact same line in the end of the movie. No one will ever know why Yzma has that lever.

“You Know, The Funny Thing About Shaking Hands Is You Need Hands.”

The Emperor's New Groove: 5 Best Quotes!









One of the most nastiest protagonist, Kuzco is selfish, lacks empathy and is arrogant. His worst moment in the movie is when Pacha gets tangled in the rope after Kuzco lies to him about the pool. Kuzco goes a step further and admits that he wants to imprison Pacha for life. And it is in this moment, Kuzco smuggly says “You Know, The Funny Thing About Shaking Hands Is You Need Hands.”

Of course, Kuzco gets the same lesson when he also gets tangled in the bridge.

“Don’t Listen To That Guy. He’s Trying To Lead You Down The Path Of Righteousness. I’m Gonna Lead You Down The Path That Rocks!”

The Emperor's New Groove: 5 Best Quotes!









Kronk’s shoulder angel and shoulder devil are also star of the movie. Although they appear only in two scenes, they steal the show. Also, they help Kronk make morally righteous decision of helping unconscious Kuzco.

Comment down below your favorite lines from the movie!

Source: ScreenRant

Written by Aditi Thosar