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“The ending is so perfect”: Fan-Made Video of Thanos Travelling Back in Time and Killing All Avengers Including Iron Man and Thor Goes Viral

On 6 August 2022, a new video depicting a Thanos vs. Avengers fight surfaced on YouTube. What is different in this case, however, is that the fight depicted was the Battle of New York — the one that Loki had originally waged on behalf of the big bad. The transformed video was a masterpiece in several aspects as it molds Thanos’s malefic “Fine, I’ll do it myself” on a realistic scale and shows him decimating the fetus Avengers in a heartbeat.

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The Battle of New York: Avengers v Thanos, 2012

In the video that has already gone viral, the newly formed Avengers are seen in their wide-eyed stance trying and failing to subdue the Mad Titan. The Hulk first swoops in as Mark Ruffalo‘s Bruce Banner delivers his classic dialogue “That’s my secret, Cap. I’m always angry” moments before being defeated in a brutal hand-to-hand fight against Thanos.

The Avengers during the Battle of New York
The Avengers during the Battle of New York

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The villain then quickly proceeds to finish off each of the 2012 timeline Avengers, including Iron Man and Thor without breaking a sweat. Loki’s comedic “I have to get off this planet” taken from Ragnarok is perfectly enmeshed into the narrative to match the terror of watching Thanos arrive and kill the Avengers. The fight then ends and the screen shifts to depict Tony Stark’s nightmare vision from Avengers: Age of Ultron realized in full, as all the Earth’s mightiest lie dead at a looming Thanos’ feet. However, the montage proved to be faux since it was merely one of the million timelines seen by Doctor Strange during his trance on Titan during Infinity War.

Age of Ultron nightmare
Tony Stark’s Age of Ultron nightmare

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Back to the Future: A Classic Ending to Thanos’ War

Even as grueling as the fight proves, fans have been going perfectly crazy with this extremely creative re-imagination of Thanos’ war against Earth’s saviors and protectors. For one, it depicts the true scale of the villain’s strength without the added power of the stones. Lovers of the original comics will truly appreciate the mind-numbing scale of the Titan’s strength as well as the minuscule effort it took for him to take down the best and the bravest.

Thanos, the Mad Titan

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The video encapsulates scenes, montages, and dialogues from the original The Avengers (2012) and Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) and flawlessly juxtaposes those with Thanos’ fight sequence from that of Infinity War (2018) and Endgame (2019). However, the main reason the viral clip is getting the love it deserves is that it also shows how this could easily have been the reality of the MCU. Fortunately, for us and those living in the Marvel universe, Doctor Strange had the foresight to predict the outcome and guide the Avengers, and mainly Iron Man, towards it.

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