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“The ending of the game might be a little…”: Todd Howard Says Many Fans Will Despise Starfield’s ‘Controversial’ Ending

Todd Howard Says Many Fans Will Despise Starfield's 'Controversial' Ending

Starfield has just been released for all gamers and the success of the game is reaching new heights. The game director Todd Howard has now dropped a bombshell on the gamers and has claimed that even though the game is being loved by everybody most of the fans might hate the ending as it could be a little controversial. Howard obviously did not reveal what the ending has but it will definitely keep the gamers awake at night with a bunch of questions.

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Many Fans Might Hate Starfield‘s ‘Controversial’ Ending

Starfield has a controversial ending

Todd Howard in an interview with NPR stated that many players might not like the ending of Starfield and respond differently as it will not give answers to all the questions that will arise in players when they play the massive game. He did not go into the depth of his statement but players might need to first finish the campaign and get a grasp on what Howard means. He said,

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“I do think the ending of the game might be a little controversial. We ask a lot of questions, we don’t provide a lot of answers. Because I think we want a lot of those answers to be in you.”

Todd Howard

Judging by Howard’s words, it looks like the ending of Starfield might be cryptic or be left to players’ imagination as to what could have. It can’t be said what exactly is the director talking about, but there is a slight chance it could also be connected to the optional new Game Plus and how to narrative revolves around it.

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Starfield is Different From Other Bethesda Games

This isn’t the first time Howard has been open with gamers about their expectations with the space RPG. Todd Howard had also commented on the game’s exploration saying that he is unsure if everyone will like Starfield‘s exploration of the game as it is very different from their other games. Still, players are getting the best of the game proving the developers right about the surprises that they have for players which are hard to find but at the end of the day are worth it.

Screengrab from Starfield Showcase

Recently, Howard with Bethesda’s managing director Ashley Cheng explained that the developers knowingly designed moments of loneliness in the game with the empty planets so players would experience the vastness of space and Cheng added that not every planet is “supposed to be Disney World.”

Todd Howard also backed their decision to go with an Xbox exclusive release saying that it yields a better product and mentioned Nintendo and Zelda as an example of platform exclusivity.

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