The English: Chaske Spencer Talks Prime Video’s New Western Series (EXCLUSIVE)

The English: Chaske Spencer Talks Prime Video’s New Western Series
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The English is now out on Prime Video, and you won’t want to miss out on this epic, breathtaking western mini-series. Created by Hugo Blick (The Honorable Woman) and starring Emily Blunt (Mary Poppins Returns, A Quiet Place) and Chaske Spencer (Wild Indian, Woman Walks Ahead), The English follows the incredible journey of Cornelia Locke (Emily Blunt), an English noblewoman who traveled to America and is seeking revenge on the man responsible for her child’s death. She meets Eli Whipp (Chaske Spencer), a Pawny ex-cavalry scout, who wishes to finally claim his lands and settle down.


The English takes the western genre to a whole new level. The show doesn’t necessarily have as much action or as many fighting scenes as in other westerns, and the strength of the story especially resides in its writing and on the on-screen presence of this incredible cast.

The beauty of the cinematography and the shots chosen by Blick echo with the poetry of the dialogues and the different story arcs surrounding the two main characters.


Chaske Spencer Talks The English

Chaske Spencer Talks The English
Chaske Spencer, Emily Blunt

We spoke with Chaske Spencer, whose strength, nobleness as Eli Whipp, is one of the many reasons why this show must not go unnoticed this upcoming award season. You can watch the full interview down below:

Chaske Spencer Talks The English | FandomWire Interview

For Chaske Spencer, Hugo Blick’s writing is what makes The English stand out from other western series. He declared: 


“I think it’s a little different from most westerns out there right now. To me, it’s kind of an homage. I think sometimes it can be like a poem, it’s beautiful movie.”

While the series takes place in the Wild West, The English was actually filmed in Spain, and for Spencer, the beauty of the landscapes are some of his best memories:


The most striking memory was the first day of filming. It was with Toby Jones, the shooting scene. love the people who picked the location. It was filmed in Spain, but it looked like New Mexico like we were filming just outside Santa Fe. It was really gorgeous and made everything come together before we went on this big epic adventure of filming The English.”

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