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The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: 20 Best Dora Milaje memes.

Dora Milaje memes galore! The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has been giving us great well-rounded episodes that can be reviewed in endless ways. But more than that, the Twitter verse is supplying us well-curated memes from the show.

Dora Milaje memes

Episode 4 saw some deserved beating delivered to the new and infamous Captain America, in the hands of the elite Wakandan force – the Dora Milaje. And thus appeared Dora Milaje memes. Justice has been delivered according to most netizens. And they channeled this ecstasy in these Dora Milaje memes that we have chosen below. Watch how the fandom reacted to the slugfest meted out by the bad-ass Dora Milaje.

1. Watch out, British Museum.

2. As if Dora Milajes’ arrival wasn’t intimidating enough in the first place, the dude just placed an arm on a woman glaring at him.

3. “Looking good, John!”

4. … and sending it to Steve on the moon.

5. This should have prepared Walker for what was about to come next.

6. Imagine one-armed Bucky chasing the “raccoon” in a spaceship.

7. Subtle but effective.

8. Imagine Zemo going down the toilet pipe in his coat.

9. Finally, inner peace.

10. Don’t have references to compare, but we will take your word for it.

11. Imagine telling that to a whole platoon of soldiers in full battle armor.

12. We do feel for him, but he did have it coming.

13. Marvel giving the audience what they want.

14. The audacity of a new military agent though.

15. Let him savor the moment, Sam.

16. Let’s face it, each one of us had this smug look.

17. Bucky’s perfect show to watch, while sipping his wine.

18. A quality pun!

19. Let Captain America do his job, Sam.

20. Vibranium did belong to them anyway but the shot of propping the shield upon her arm was glorious.


These were a few Dora Milaje memes from Episode 4 of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Do you have any more? Feel free to share them with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and more.


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Written by FandomWire Staff